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Code Cleanup with Coder module: This is a 9 minute video that shows me doing a little code cleanup on pathauto module using the cool Coder module. This is a great tool for pointing out secure text and coding standards issues in your code. This is also an easy way to get involved with rolling patches for modules that you use. Get in touch with the module maintainer volunteering to do some code cleanup for them. Working on code cleanup really helped me internalize the main Drupal coding standards and means that I tend to write cleaner code from the get-go and don't have to do as much cleanup when I'm done. Using the standards are obviously generally a good idea for your own code but it is really important if you want to submit patches, especially for core. Your patch might be completely rejected if it is not clean and secure.

Also note that I use CVS in this video but you can just as easily do it using a module tarball and the diff command. See the Rolling a Patch in Drupal video for more help with that.

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