Drupalcon 2010 in Copenhagen

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The Drupal Association just approved the proposal from the Danish team to organize Drupalcon 2010 in Copenhagen. The conference will take place in August, the exact date will be finalized in the coming week.

If you wonder what kind of greatness is waiting for you, check out their proposal at http://drupalcon.dk/cph/node/35 or http://drupalcon.dk/cph/node/35?print&book_recurse

Congratulations to the Danish team!

EDIT: The dates are 23 - 26 August, with events on the day before and day after likely.


Congrats to Copenhagen!

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I'm looking forward to a great conference and, I am told, a bar in the conference site. :-)

Until then,
//Johan Falk, NodeOne and drupalsverige.se


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We are looking forward to giving you the best DrupalCon ever!


Hurra for the Danish team!!

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Well done. It was a great proposal and I'm sure it will be an amazing DrupalCon!

As a Norwegian living in Sweden I can say that in addition to being a Danish DrupalCon, this will be a Scandinavian DrupalCon. See you all in Copenhagen :)


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Good work!

I'm looking forward to this event.



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Great news! We will get busy straight away, making sure everyone will attend the best ever DrupalCon when going to Copenhagen.

This calls for a cold one! fridge here I come.


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already counting the days :o)

merry christmas

That's great, I love

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That's great, I love Copenhagen. (BTW. this will be a great opportunity to teach some US citizens that Copenhagen is NOT the capital of Amsterdam :-D)
Vi ses naeste år!

dont hack core - hack & slash core

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Im so very glad, both personally - and on the behalf of the 13 (wo)man team that busted heads. that the DA put the responsibility into our hands.

Thanx for a good fight London & Berlin, you got us out there where we actually promised Viking ships (wtf!)

We will do out very very best to deliver, and live up to the strong history of drupalcon's as the place where the drupal community gets a shot of asskicking.

No worries we will keep words about the vikingships - cause this is not just the a "danish" drupalcon its a "scandinavian" drupalcon - no one outside scandinavia cant hear the difference anyways ;)

and no copenhagen is the capitol of stockholm or is it denmark thats the capitol of copenhagen?

/morten.dk king of rock
morten.dk | geek Royale

No I know where to spend the summer

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My family and I will get a hyggelig house and while the kids roam through Tivoli I'll be haning out with the cool kids.

Congratulations Copenhagen!

after 50

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after 50 years I am looking forward to see Kopenhagen again. (maybe a few less) :-)

@Jan, what is "hyggelig" in German? sounds cosy

. . .
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Congrat Copenhagen Team

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See you in the land of the vikings. Have fun with the climate conference ;-)

@confetti: "hyggelig" meens "nett" http://translate.google.de/?hl=#da|de|hyggelig


oooh yeah the clima confrence

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oooh yeah the clima confrence is only a "warm up" (get it ....warm up ...) for the drupalcon

do we have words on 2011 yet?

/morten.dk king of rock
morten.dk | geek Royale


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Stephan, oh, google kann auch dänisch. Aber Personen sind immer netter. :-)

Dann werde ich mir den link mal abspeichern, damit ich ihn wiederfinde. Ich nehme immer leo.org.

. . .
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Congratulations! See you in

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Congratulations! See you in August 2010.

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Congratulations Denmark from Norway!

Drupal are getting huge in Scandinavia, it's really good that Denmark won!

I'll grab my axe and set sail for Copenhagen!


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I have to share this good news with a "Vikingo Loco" :)

Un drupalero latino,
Trabajando en Dilygent y
Blogueando en http://develCuy.com

Facebook and Twitter for DrupalCon Cph

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Interested in news and meet other DrupalCon Copenhagen'ers? Feel free to join our Facebook fanpage:


and follow our Twitter feed:


Currently mostly used for planning. Later for news, gossip and info about DrupalCon Cph.


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Any word on the dates?

Congrats to Copenhagen!

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Congrats to Copenhagen!

Happy New Year

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and have a good time organising - we are looking forward to - the DrupalCon COP.

. . .
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Hi Guys,
I know you must be sick of hearing this question,
but any indication of dates?
Or when you might be able to announce that?

Drupalcon is the one event I have to go to, so I need to schedule other stuff around it!


Another dates request

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Hi, I've been informed that the event is from the 23rd to the 27th of August. This was taken from the http://drupaldanmark.dk/ site. Its in Danish so I don't know whether this is exactly correct. Can anyone please confirm this? We all need to book holiday and flights and the sooner the better. Thanks.

Those are the correct dates,

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Those are the correct dates, yes.

Hi, @andreashaugstrup:

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@andreashaugstrup: kvantomme edited his post to say the dates are 23-26 August, this twitter post say the same: http://twitter.com/robertDouglass/statuses/8317932961. drupaldanmark says it lasts until the 27th August, not the 26th...

Can anyone provide some more information? Sorry to bother but have to buy airplane tickets and they are not getting cheaper... :) Thanks

hotel prices and locations

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hotel prices and locations,
sorry to ask, but who is going to decide on this? Local or general Team?

We would like to book because we found a nice place but maybe you get better prices or nearer to the venue.

Thanks a lot.

. . .
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What are the prices for Drupalcon and where can we get our tickets??
I would like to drive overthere but what when I am there? How does this work?

tnx. Lars

Hey Lars, The site where you

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Hey Lars,

The site where you will be able to purchase tickets to DrupalCon Copenhagen will go online soon, keep an eye on http://cph2010.drupal.org
First part of the site should be online just before or right after the start of DC:SF, or at least thats the plan, lets see how it goes.

Best Regards

Tnx Lars

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Hey Lars,

Thanks for the info, I'll keep an eye on it.
Probably see you there.


Hi Lars, The ticket sale

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Hi Lars,

The ticket sale should start next week and at the same time will the ticket prices be announced.

I don't understand your second question about driving to Denmark. Can you explain what you mean?

DrupalCon Copenhagen

The ticket sale

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Well what I mean is, I'll step in my car drive for 13 hours and arrive in Copenhagen.
But than what... do you have to take care of your own hotel is there a campsite/bungalow park nearby.
How are those things arranged on an event like this. Never been to one, the only events I am fammilliar with are 1 day events.

So thats the second part.

Tnx Lars

So, hotel is not included in

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So, hotel is not included in the ticket price. We have together with an external partner found some hotels with good prices, but it is up to you if you want to use one of these hotels or find one your selves. More information about this will be available at the conference website next week.


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We'll as I also am a diehard scout I'll probably look for a (scouting)campsite where I can drop my tent and save money.


Closest camp site to city central

camp site

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Looks sweet to me..

Looking Ahead

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When will solicitation of speaker proposals begin? :)

Hello everyone! Drupalcon

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Hello everyone! Drupalcon 2010 sounds great but I would like some more info. Does anyone know when the program will be set or just a draft of it?

There will be some workshops I guess but where can we find info?

http://cph2010.drupal.org/ Here there is very little info and http://www.drupalcon.dk/ is offline.


Drupalcon copenhagen group?

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Is there a group for drupalcon copenhagen, cant seem to find it via the group search. Social media accounts are cool, but I think we should have one group on drupal?

Dipen Chaudhary
Founder, QED42 http://www.qed42.com Drupal development

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