Making responsive at Drupal Dev Days

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Drupal Dev Days is an important event in the Drupal calendar. The sponsors and organisers are kind enough to provide the community with a place to sprint for the entire week. Over 100 people are going to be sprinting in loads of different areas including CMI, Entity field API, Multilingual, and Migration.

While planning the Front-end sprint, I was trying to think of something really big and ambitious we could work on that we could really take a chunk out of in a whole week. Then I remembered is still not responsive. Are you reading this post on your phone right now? Good luck to you.

As it happens the Bluecheese theme is already built on a fluid grid using Sass, Compass, and Susy so we already have a great jumping off point.

We're going to be coordinating with tvn, who is running the sprint, to make sure we have enough development environments up and running.

Want to help? Sign up to the sprint attendance spreadsheet.

You can also checkout the bluecheese theme right now and get familiar with how it works.



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Sound like a great plan. However I'm not sure whether it is the best idea to go with Bluechess. I've not completely gone through the theme so won't be able to make further judgements.

However I'd definitely love to be part of this endeavor.

i'm there al week to help out

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i'm there al week to help out wit this project;

Is still the process of getting started? Any other resources i could check out before arrival?

As far as I know it's still

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As far as I know it's still the process for conributing. I would definitely take a look at the page on Sass now because you can run through that on your local machine.

Components upgrade?

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Sass 3.3(.3) just've came out just like a completely rewritten Susy 2(.1.1). As we have earlier versions in our code we may think about an upgrade before we bend to the story.

That is a nice idea, we'd do

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That is a nice idea, we'd do well to timebox this though to avoid affecting momentum. It's not really a job many people can work on at once.

Do we have a backlog / issue

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Do we have a backlog / issue collection of the related tasks already?

Hi! We are going to be

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Hi! We are going to be writing up an official post but in the meantime we have a test server up where you can test out the responsive!

You can visit it by going to on your phone or browser.

above link needs user name & password ?

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The above links needs username and password. So please share them so that we can view it.


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username and password are drupal

Cathy Theys

Thanks Yesct

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Thanks Yesct :)


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