Request for input: What should our next Drupal boot camp look like?

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Droplabs is planning its next Drupal boot camp and we're asking for help from you to make it even better than last time. If you have any interest in applying for the next boot camp — or sending developers from your company or organization — please take a look at the following posts:

   What would you like our next boot camp to focus on?

   Would you pay / donate to attend our next developer boot camp?

   What is the top reason you'd become a sponsor (food, venue, financial, etc.) of our next developer boot camp?

There have been around 20 votes so far but in reality this represents a pretty small number. We need more input! If you'd like to help shape the next boot camp, place your votes and post your comments!

About the module development boot camp

What's this "boot camp", you ask? In case you didn't apply or go to the last one, it was a series of 13 sessions (or 14, depending on who you ask) dedicated to teaching the fundamental PHP and Drupal API knowledge needed to become a Drupal module developer. Some of the modules the boot camp attendees finished and contributed to include:

   Password Backup & Restore

   Librivox Search


   Cron Key

The boot camp was free and was for the community, by the community. That means it was entirely volunteer-run! Instructors were Ron Golan, Stew Pringle and myself. Both Droplabs and Exaltation of Larks were sponsors of the boot camp and provided the venue space, complimentary Droplabs memberships and supplemental instruction.

What you can do

There are a lot of things you can do:

  1. Take a look at the questions above and vote on the polls
  2. Post in the comments below, ask your questions and make some suggestions!
  3. Registration will open soon so get ready to apply if you want to get trained — or send your developers to be trained
  4. Contact Droplabs you want to be a food, drinks or financial sponsor of the next boot camp



Thanks to everyone who's

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Thanks to everyone who's voted on the various polls, posted their comments and provided input at our planning meetings.

If anyone hasn't voted or commented yet, please do so!

Vote! Vote! Comment! Comment! Stew, Ron and I will taking all of this under consideration at our planning meeting this Friday.