What does open sourcing curriculum actually look like?

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But what does it mean exactly to make curriculum open source? Is it as simple as providing a link to download the resources I use to teach the class (such as Drupalize.me's Community Tools curriculum)? Do I need to decide between a particular open source license (GPL, MIT, etc) and create rules for fair use?

Maybe someone can point me to a prior discussion or article around this topic?



what I think it is ....

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Hi David

My immediate thought was that it means the curriculum materials are available for you to use and, presumably, alter to your needs as a trainer.

Wikipedia has more info and links : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open-source_curriculum

Creative commons is listed there as well as the other open source licenses you've already mentioned. I have a feeling that CC might be more appropriate.

Open Educational Resources

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Open Educational Resources is a similar but more widely-used term. You can find thought leadership in this space from <a href=http://davidwiley.org">David Wiley (twitter), and at opencontent.org.

Ah, I hadn't considered

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Ah, I hadn't considered creative commons, but I agree that may be more appropriate than "open source".

I'd never heard of OER, but after reading the Wiki it does seem pretty close to what we're looking for. I'll have to do more research, but does anyone else have experience working with this?

Is the Drupal ladder still actively being worked on? The pages I've happened across here and there seem a little out of date, but I think it's an area we could contribute to.

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