Drupal Media Team Weekly Scrum #7

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2014-06-10 15:30 - 15:45 UTC
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User group meeting

Drupal Media weekly scrums are held as Google+ Hangout onAir meetings.

Next meeting:
- 10th June 2014, 15:30 UTC
- #drupal-media @ Freenode

- status update


Media at DrupalCon Austin

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Will there be a sprint or any development work on Media taking place at DrupalCon?

Christopher Pelham
CRS (Center for Remembering & Sharing)

CRS (Center for Remembering & Sharing) is an arts & healing center located just south of Union Square in Manhattan.

Christopher, Here is some

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Here is some information about the sprinting at DrupalCon Austin: http://www.drupalmedia.org/events/2014/drupalcon-austin-sprints

Also, there is a core conversation on the topic in about an hour and a half https://austin2014.drupal.org/session/double-header-file-entity-and-medi...