Redesigned profile page: your feedback needed!

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Hi everyone! We're in the process of redesigning the profile page on, and we need the community's feedback! You can find the issue at:

Specific feedback needed:

  1. Assuming that we're keeping the current theme, does the organization of information make sense on the page?
  2. Is there any new information we should be collecting on profiles? Since this will require refactoring several of the data elements in profiles, we have a great opportunity to allow users to show/share more about themselves.
  3. Are there any things you've been DYING to see on user profiles that you haven't seen yet? Now's a great opportunity to share them!

Feedback will be collected until August 1st, and the layouts will be iterated over the next month and a half. Thanks for your feedback!


Well, as it happens...

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Well, as it happens, I've just been thinking about this very thing...

I've been working recently using @openbadges as part of the way of recognising learning and contributions. I think it really applies well to, so much so that I've even submitted a talk to Amsterdam:

Maybe we could catch up on Twitter or Skype or somewhere?


I agree using open badges and

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I agree using open badges and some gamification elements would be really interesting. The end result would be getting people to complete and update their profile. Maybe some form of 4square functionality?!

Rachel, I'd love to! We're

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Rachel, I'd love to! We're definitely looking to step up work on this again in the next week or so. I'm thezenkitchen on Skype, if you want to chat, and available all afternoon on Friday 6/27 :-)

Profiles need to be configurable

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If you want to make the profiles really useful to large groups of people, you need to make them configurable. For example, I work at an academic institution and what we need in a profile isn't quite the same as say a Law Office.

Prime example, most of our faculty have office hours. Not that common for non-academic institutions.

How do you handle personal social media? Most businesses would frown on it but we encourage it.



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Isn't this about DRUPAL?

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But isn't this about our DRUPAL profile? So why would someone need office hours, or a photo gallery, or a set of social media tools that are different from what every other Drupal person would need?

Joel Farris | my 'certified to rock' score

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IF the other variants of * is going to be having a SEPARATE Profile systems or Have the Option to join them or AT LEAST have a Directory of which * their Profile is active.

My Profile my have different Modules added on to the Profile system compared to the basic version.

Have the * each have a different color schemes cause one could easily mistake that ALL are in one unified profile system when it's actually different.

in My Groups profile I'd like modules that are Relevant to the group like a calendar organization and which group joined and which you control and which are your favs beside the the others you signed up as not to clutter the email box.

in the BASIC is the monitor of your edits watch list or frequent viewed NODE. and the merge of the ticket system to which node is it refereed to etc...

Basic Draft NODEs that can be stored in the server if the same Conditions/Modules are used or TEXT written in Header or Footer or Table settings.

Thanks for the very

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Thanks for the very comprehensive feedback! I'll make sure to communicate this to the team. One of the things we've definitely been talking about is having the same information on GDO vs. profiles, and there are some interesting possibilities for that.

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I think you make an interesting point, but I want to make sure we're talking about the same thing. As Senpai mentions, this is about profiles, rather than profiles in Drupal core.

If it's here, it will end up in core

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If the functionality gets written for the drupal website, I'm almost certain it will get rolled into core. I just don't want to see something that's too inflexible written.



Communication is not what separates us from animals. It is the act of creation. Conceiving of something new and bringing it into existence is what it means to be made in the image of God. - Me

That's usually not how it works

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Many (most) of the features are built as custom modules for alone. is always a version behind the core version that is in development so it's unlikely that features find their way into core.

Yes and no...a lot of the

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Yes and no...a lot of the scalability/performance enhancements in Pressflow were developed with/for and got forward-ported to Drupal 7. Bakery was built for first and has since been used by hundreds of other sites.

But the point is certainly valid that this is an excercise focused on improving the profiles for and if there are improvements in profile building tools for Drupal core/contrib then that will be a side-effect and not the focus.

Better design that highlights contributors

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The list of [my] maintained modules would do better being above the fold. A goal I'd love to see is: glancing at a contributor's profile should quickly give you an idea of what modules they're involved with. Contributions such as these are important to the Drupal ecosystem so those extensions to Drupal should be apparent; these are key elements now for hiring/recruiting Drupal talent.

I'd like to see some cues taken from Github/BitBucket where a portion of the user page is profile info/links/badges, while the other side is projects/contributions & [*.d.o.] posts.

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Fun coding facts of contributions

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Some fun items that can bring some playfulness to contributor profiles are listed below. Note: these are just fun profile elements, don't overthink them:

  • How many commits and/or lines of code their commits sum up to on contrib.
  • How many minutes/hours they help Drupal grow through their code commits.
  • How many Drupal sites are benefiting from their contributions. (simple aggregate number)
  • How many steps they would have walked versus coding.
  • How many meters they would have ran versus coding.
  • How many projects by category: Module, Theme, Profile.

Chris Charlton, Author & Drupal Community Leader, Enterprise Level Consultant

I teach you how to build Drupal Themes and provide add-on software at

Chris, this is a great

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Chris, this is a great comment. Would you mind cross-posting it to the issue so we can keep all the feedback together?

I would like to see the check

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I would like to see the check box if the user is available for the job now and it should be appearing on like available candidates. Also want to see if I presented any session or talk at local Meetup.

This is a great idea! Would

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This is a great idea! Would you mind cross-posting it to the issue listed in the original post, so we can keep everything together? Thanks!

my .02¢

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I absolutely love how people can list their mentors. That feature is fantastic! The only downside though, for me, is that the links generated from the user's input are treated as taxonomy terms. I would love to see this field be a user reference. We could then use this relationship to show user images to make two separate mosaic blocks: "mentored by" and "has mentored", respectively.

I like the new "DA Sponsor" badges. The long list of checkboxes where a user has selected all the things they have done/attended/are going to do/attend - can we create/reuse [event icons already exist] icons for this list and either bring it above the fold, or make it vertically shorter?

Darn just seeing this

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Darn just seeing this now!

"Are there any things you've been DYING to see on user profiles that you haven't seen yet? Now's a great opportunity to share them!"

As part of work and helping raise awareness of our impact in open source / the world, I regularly assemble numbers associated with how many systems report that they are using various modules, themes, etc that we produce. Download counts and reported usage are both things that I think would be really useful to see next to the # of commits either on the project overview page for a member or at the bottom of their profile.

Right now I go to every page and assemble these statistics by hand when I'm thinking the data is most likely just attached to an entity on the project page.

Proper Distribution of Post

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As there are no segregation of post on user profile page so my idea is that There will be a proper categorization on user profile page
Commits will be different section
Applied Patch on issue will be different section
Making comment on Project review section
etc etc

Please let me know i have detailed plan on same.

mobile friendly

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I happen to be retooling the profile page for Babson College (in D7). The general idea is to make the profile page the first page the users want to go when they log in. The first thing was to make the page responsive to mobile. The next thing I did was to rework the page--user.tpl.php file to include a whole bunch of profile specific regions for profile specific custom, contirb and core drupal blocks. The current profile page requires too many clicks to get at small amounts of info. For example I'm in about 7 groups but I have to click each group link to get at the latest comment, why can't I place a block of the groups I care about with the 5 most recent comments? If the content keeps changing, I would be checking in all to the time.

The above post is one for the

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The above post is one for the support forums more than this page. You can make the various items into Views, and pass the profile ID into the view by displaying them in Panels (possible but poorly documented), or (my preferred method) by attaching the view(s) to the profile using EVA module.

The mentors section is a nice

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The mentors section is a nice touch, I think that's a great way for us too see who influencers look to for knowledge.

Cant wait to see the changes

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mmm... i like it they way it is but i guess if i had to change or add anything , maybe it will be nice to had our profile connect to other sites so like facebook twiiter and other stuff not just pout the link but interact and connect them through groopal , maybe im a bit crazy and this is nonsense haha xD thanx anyways

first impression

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Here is what I like:
- it is simple
- a lot information in there
- companies working for is great
- location, even city will be great
what I don't like:
- my eyes go on the green, is this the most important
- account #number - I don't like such numbers, they mean nothing to me
- industries working in - it is not helpful to me as a viewer
- I'd like to follow the changes of a person

Insted of using links for showing user

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Insted of using links for showing user other's profile, we can used logo for the same and try to fit below user profile pic.
Showing his grap of expertise and rating given by mentor will also helpfull for others. I also like suggestion posted by Chris Charlton.

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Maybe not all in one screen

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If there is a lot of information for very prolific contributors, it gets overwhelming. See angies profile for reference

It feels these persons are some kind of superheroes and you can never achieve that from a new contributors point of view. Like eternal highscore on a pinball machine that got more zeroes than fit in the display.

For other people it is just too much information to process. Maybe there should be some collapsing/filtering/whatever.

Looking closer I see there is collapsing for projects maintained and some other sections. This might be extended to more sections, if they get too long.

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