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Hello all,
This group caught my attention. I thought I'd join in the conversation. :) I'm working on a "distribution" for personal use, because I have very similar clients. I recycle a lot of rules, content types, and permission settings. But there are settings that differ among clients.

Off the top of my head, I placed a cap on the number of groups a regular user can be a member of. I hard coded this limit, so I have to change it manually for each client. Similarly there are other settings that each client might want to change. I can't just tell them to change the settings themselves (that's my job). Furthermore, I don't want to give them too much administrative access as I don't want them to be able to break their site. I have been thinking of a dashboard they can use, in which they can change settings like the cap on the number of groups a user can join.

I am strong on leveraging the power of tokens and entity reference, so I was thinking to do the following:
-Create a SETTINGS NODE that only the website's owner can see and edit
-Field the node and name the fields after settings for the site (e.g. maximum number of groups your users can join)
-Use the power of tokens, entity reference, and Drupal's PHP functions to make sure that the site checks the fields in the SETTINGS NODE to modify permissions, content types, display settings, and permissions settings appropriately.

Is this a good approach? I need to be able to access the settings from Rules, Views, Message, etc. I felt that making a module for a settings dashboard for my sites would be 1. Overkill 2. Not as powerful.

Thanks in advance

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