Rest Service path

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I have been playing with the Services module for a couple of days. According to REST API best practices, the GET URL paths I want to use are:

'Building' and 'room' are both content types, and '4' and '5', the node-ids.

Using the Services module, I can create the following calls:

And with the Services Views module, I can customise the path a little more:

But the only way to get a specific building is by:

In order to enable the call path '/buildings/4' do I have to create a custom Services resource?



Yes I think so.

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Yes I think so.

On second thought, I don't think that will work either. I have my own custom service for GET and our URL still contains ?parameter1=x&parameter2=y syntax.

Please post back if you manage to have the slash work for GET parameters also.

Good luck!


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Indeed, with a custom Service resource you can do this. There are examples out there.