Next media meeting July 27th: talking about media in core MVP

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2016-07-27 14:00 - 15:00 UTC
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Online meeting (eg. IRC meeting)

As we posted last week, media meetings are back every week. While we usually use these meetings to talk about the media ecosystem at large, this week will be dedicated to talk about the minimum viable product goal for media improvement in core that fits into a bigger picture of media improvements to come. The new experimental modules system in Drupal 8 allows for the inclusion of major new features which may need to still be improved but move the needle forward significantly already. We will talk about how can we use this to get improvements into core and what that improvement should be both in terms of usability and technical feasibility.

The discussion is on Wednesday July 27th at 2pm UTC. We are meeting in #drupal-media on Freenode IRC and will launch into a Google Hangout on Air to get recorded. Read more at on how to join the channel.


Question about the media module

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Sorry to post here. Can I use media module to convert urls to an embedded content in a textarea (text format) like oembed?

It about drupal 7

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It about drupal 7


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