Catalog Style Views of Orgs

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I am trying to create a "catalog" style view of organizations. The site is a Chamber of Commerce site and the Orgs are usually business members and the catalog view would be for visitors to the site to use for finding local businesses that are chamber members.

So I have created a taxonomy with terms and sub-terms to categorize those businesses. I'd like to show the parent terms with all of their sub-terms on a page. So:

Banking and Finance
-Financial Planning

Computers & Technology
-Computer Services
-Web Design

etc. Clicking on any of the terms would bring up all of the members with that term.

My Org have added fields for Address, Logo image, URL ,etc. If I create a view using Organizations, I cannot get a taxonomy based contextual filter to work at all. So I think that I need a relationship, but nothing that I have tried has worked.

For a better idea of what I am trying to do, here is the page on the site we are replacing:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I did finally figure this

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I did finally figure this out.

I created a view based on taxonomy and terms for the main page, grouped by Parent.

Then I created a backend view using rendered entities for the actual Orgs that it needed to display.

Works well.