Drupal 8 Dojo Reboot

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A bold idea: is it time to reboot the Drupal Dojo for Drupal 8? I'd love to hear people's thoughts.

I've also set up a survey to collect some initial input on best practices and areas to focus on lessons. Please fill it out if you are interested!


Also definitely curious to hear what those still subscribed to this group think of the idea.


Probably a good idea. If no

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Probably a good idea. If no one else has commented her yet it is probably because no one comes here. The whole support and documentation environment needs work, and as we discovered when we tried to get a revamp for the forums, there is not really the resources (and possibly not much will) to make that happen. The risk of rebooting dojo is that becomes just another niche. Renaming it 'official Drupal training' would help, though I am not sure whose authority would be needed to do that.

Fragmented ecosystem

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Hi there, I think part of the challenge is that people already moved to new tools and channels such as drupalize.me and the Drupal Slack that offer richer experiences (multimedia, code snippets etc.).

So discussions are fragmented on many platforms (and lost on Slack!).
It will be hard to get people back :)

I cannot decide if there is enough value to be made in rebooting the "Drupal Dojo", that all depends on the willingness of mentors to contribute their time. But it might help to do it in a place that provides a bit richer experience than groups.drupal.org and that could integrate with the very popular Drupal Slack channel.

I suggested on Twitter we could look into Open Social for such a project (https://twitter.com/OpenSocialHQ/status/858032344279732226) , let me know if that idea moved forward. We could talk about sponsoring the hosting for a custom install!

Best, Mieszko

Let's get in touch through my main profile:

Consolidating resources

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Fragmentation is an issue I agree we need to consolidate resources into as fewer location as possible to make a comprehensive learning resousrce. That also has the option for people to reach out for assistance.

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