The Google Summer of Code 2010 is a go!

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I'm excited to announce that the Google Summer of Code is happening again in 2010! Last year Drupal went a perfect 18-for-18, meaning that all of our students passed the SoC, and we even got a "bonus student" who worked on Drupal module for the Creative Commons.

Please help get the SoC started by joining the Google Summer of Code 2010 group, and by posting project ideas to the group! Student Proposals should be marked as such in the "Project Type", as the students will get first dibs on that project idea once the voting starts. All other project ideas should be marked "Community Proposal" and will be open to all SoC applicants.

If you are a student thinking of applying to the program I highly suggest you do the following things:

  • Carefully read the GSoC 2010 FAQ
  • Sign up for an account on and fill in your profile information
  • Ask questions here or in #drupal, and start looking for potential mentors

And if you are thinking about becoming a mentor, please do! Not only is the SoC a great way to get more involved in the community and/or groom the next Drupal superstars, but it's not a ton of work and is a whole lotta fun! There are also many other ways to get involved, including: student outreach, mentor and student checkins, group administration, project reviewers, and more. Please contact me if you'd like to get involved! (And if you'd like to help with the application, it would be great to have help)

Drupal's application will need to be submitted by March 12th, and proposals will begin being accepted on March 18th. Please see the SoC Timeline for more information about other due dates.


Mentors Mailing List

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If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please also sign up on the Mentor's Mailing List:

Alex Urevick-Ackelsberg
ZivTech: Illuminating Technology

Sweet! GSOC is fun, and we've

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Sweet! GSOC is fun, and we've had some awesome projects filter through here. Thanks for heading things up again, Alex!

Aaron Winborn
Drupal Multimedia (my book, available now!)

French student

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Do not-US students can apply? I'd love to work on Drupal!




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Ok, cheers, great!

From where do we have to work? ie if we are enrolled by Drupal? Do we have to go to the USA?

Got my answer!

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We do work from our own home.

I'm still very interested for this! I'll follow theses topics!

You will have to work from

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You will have to work from home with a mentor who aligns with your project. You don't have to go to US. First part is to decide what you wish to improve in drupal and what are your skills for that.

Dipen Chaudhary
Founder, QED42 Drupal development


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So I'll look after projects suggestions that fit with my skills.

I've a good level in php5, but I've not so much experience in Drupal module dev.


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I am a third year student of computer science engineering, I am
interested in participating in this year GSOC and want to do something related to
drupal.I have been trying to build a site and am using drupal for about 2 months
now. But have been using drupal only with the site developing perspective and
have done no coding for any module as such!!! I have knowledge of
php( very basic though not very proud of it :-( ).I would be very happy if someone could guide me bout how to go about in participating in GSOC looking forward to your reply thank you

Hey i want to participate too

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I am a student of computer science in my third year , i would love to participate in gsoc 2010. I have played with drupal a lot , i have created a website "freelegalaid" as well as one website is under construction. there are so many modules in drupal , you think of adding a feature in your website and drupal has a solution for it . Drupal rockz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Anirudh, Your attitude

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Hi Anirudh,

Your attitude towards learning & experimenting with new things matters here.
So, if you are interested to participate in GSOC, try to identify your current skills, your interest & how you can improve drupal utilizing these things.
Later try to find some mentor who can guide you in reaching your targets.

-- Sree --


Can't Wait

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Hey, my name is John Murray. I can't wait until GSOC this year, and I just wanted to introduce myself on here. I've been working on Drupal at my work now for about three months and have done a lot of reading up on and implementing custom modules. The Drupal architecture really impresses me and it has a solid API. Hopefully I'll have a project proposal up soon!

Also, who should I be talking to or where should I be posting to meet possible mentors? Thanks!

John Murray

Am enthusiastic to participate in GSOC!

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I am a second year Comp. Sc. student in Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. I recently gotta know a great deal about open source development, the idea of contribution is very appealing and i am interested in participating in this year's GSOC. I have just begun using Drupal... and i am already liking anticipation of GSOC I tried learning PHP and have applied it by developing our dept. fest site (our old site ) ...
Go Drupal!



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Hi everyone, I am a mexican student willing to participate in a Drupal project. I've been working with Drupal for almost three months and I'm still impressed by the kind of things you can do with it. Its architecture and the way it supports extension by module configuration and development are simply amazing and a chance to parcipate in a real module development project would be an invaluable opportunity to learn from the programming practices and knowledge from its designers and the community.

I'm currently working on a project that gathers some contributed modules to offer several services to the organizers of an event (such as conferences and workshops). My team and I aim to make it flexible enough to cover several aspects of the event.

I'm still thinking about my project proposal.


GSOC and Proposal Ideas

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I am a Computer Science Student at Brigham Young University in Utah. I have been working with Drupal for almost a year with the Chemistry Dept. at the University. Recently I have become really interested in Drupal theming and development. There was a period of time where I was anti-Drupal, but I have realized how flexible it can be and I'm now trying to increase my skills in, and my knowledge of Drupal.

I just found out about the Google Summer of Code and I am really interested in participating and submitting a proposal. Is Drupal going to publish an idea list for 2010? I'm looking for ideas for a proposal.


possible mentors

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As John mentioned,

"who should I be talking to or where should I be posting to meet possible mentors?"


Meetups and others

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You can talk to me, you can talk to others active in the community. Go to your local meetup. If you are talking about mentors for GSOC then you probably want to talk to core developers or developers of modules that are used a lot, but again, they go to meetups and are usually active in the community in some capacity.

How Do I get involved?

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I am a middle school student at the moment and after seeing The Social Network I want to get involved in things like the summer of code. Can you all tell me any information on the event, age requirements, how to be associated with drupal etc? This is something I am very interested in and have only found this information so far... and I honestly have no idea what it means. Where is a good place to start as a 14 year old becoming interested in coding? I have been working with wordpress and Drupal for two years and have made three web pages for my school's groups. Thank you.

Look at Google Code-in too

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There's another Google program for pre-university students called Google Code-in

You might check out