Montreal Drupal Dinner, starring Dries!

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2007-10-23 18:00 - 23:59 EST

Dries Buytaert is in Montreal for the ooPSLA conference. We're going to have a Drupal dinner!

When: Tuesday, October 23, 2007, 6PM - ???
Where: Commensal, 1720 St-Denis Street (Map)
After party: TBD, but some kind of bar in the area.

Map of where Commenseal is

Please respond here if you'd like to come! We have booked the meeting room which holds 15 people, but they can also accommodate more than that too in the general seating area. Come one, come all! :)

Attendees: (please comment if you want on/off this list):

  1. Dries (Dries)
  2. Andy (Itkovian)
  3. Angie (webchick)
  4. Dave (incrn8)
  5. Jacques (xmacinfo)
  6. Thierry (Mr.T)
  7. David (David Lesieur)
  8. Matt (mvc)
  9. James (walkah) :(
  10. Robin (milette)
  11. Jeff (jtray)
  12. Omar (omar)


Count me in!

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That's great news. I'll be sure to make the effort to be there. As for a venue, is there any food that Dries really likes, or doesn't like?

Me too!

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This is great news. I'm already putting this in my agenda.

Montréal have a large Drupal community and I'm sure a lot of people will want to meet Dries.

Thanks for the invite.

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Evenings (or weekends for that matter) are fine by me...
I will definitely be there.

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Great news!

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I won't miss this!

Sounds good!

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It'll be a great way to meet local Drupal users too, as I'm sure they'll make it out for this.

Ah ha!

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Worth a trip to Montreal, perhaps....

yeah dude

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you should come... i'm gonna hope one of them via rail trains with wifi TOR -> MTL

Ok so... any suggestions on a place?

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I'd say maybe between 15-30 people might show up. So maybe a restaurant with some sort of banquet room thingy?

I'm not sure about Dries's food tastes, but if we go with a restaurant with a bunch of different stuff, we should be able to please everyone. :)

So any suggestions on a place to eat? My knowledge of Montreal eating places is sadly lacking. :(


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How about the 3 Amigos on St-Catherine? Granted, most of the food is mexican, but for those of us that don't eat very spicy foods, there are some options too. They have two sections that are elevated above the rest of the restaurant, that could accommodate us. However, we might have to give a fairly accurate idea of how many people are coming if you want to do a booking.

I can't think of any place that has a specific banquet room (at least not one that I can afford to go to!), but several pubs have sections that are somewhat separate. McKibbins pub on Bishop has a basement section, and Hurley's Irish Pub has a fairly comfy side room. However, we probably can't make a booking at those places.

There might be some places in the Plateau, but I don't hang out there much, so my knowledge out that way is a bit limited.

I'll try to be there too as

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I'll try to be there too as well as a few other koumbiteers I'm pretty sure :)


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What about Le Commensal on St-Denis, downtown? It's got ample room, good veggie food, etc. I'm open to anything though.

Sounds great!!!

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I've been a drupal "lone ranger" for far to long - which kinda contradicts what this whole community is about. I'd love to meets some other drupal folks in montreal. Count me in.

I'm looking forward to meeting you all....

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Hey folks,

Those of you who know me know that I have a lot of things on the burner right now... otherwise, I would have been helping organise this right off the bat. I mean, it isn' t everyday that nobility comes around ;-)

Anyway, IMO the Commensal is a good idea in that it features a buffet so everybody should be able to find a little of something they like. It is also in the Latin Quarter which is, IMO, cooler than downtown.

We should also try to collect some ideas as to a good venue for some drinks afterwards. i.e. not everybody will get to sit beside Dries at supper like me ;-) Worse comes to worse there's a few places close to the Commensal... e.g. there's St-Sulpice and Blue Baloo (or whatever it is called) but other ideas are welcome.

En passant... si je me souvient bien Dries parle FRANCAIS. Donc SVP, ceci est un appel au francophones de ne trop se décourager avec tous ces annonces et commentaires en anglais. :-)

Alright then

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Commensal it is, unless there are strong opinions to the contrary. Even a meat-eater like me can be persuaded to eat vegetarian once in a while :)

For drinks afterwards, St-Sulpice is a good option, as there is lots of space available. We can draw lots and see who gets to sit next to Dries first, then we can rotate every 30 minutes or so ;)

Anyone care to venture a time for this dinner? I guess it will depend on Dries' schedule, but I'll put forward 6.30pm as a meeting time. I think that's early enough for the early supper people, right?

Updated the post...

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The post now contains a map and such for how to get to the restaurant, and a more firm time. :) Again, please comment here if you want to join us!

Wow i wish I was around for

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Wow i wish I was around for this! Sadly I will be in the neighbourhood one week too late. I'll have to plan better next time.


Dries' guest

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That would be me. Andy.

I would have loved to come,

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I would have loved to come, but Friday I got operated in emergency for appendix inflammation... I'll be in bed for the next 3 weeks :(

Aw man.. :(

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Hope you get better soon!! :( I'm looking forward to meeting you one of these days. :)

How will I recognize you

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How will I recognize you all? Will you have laptops all over? Drupal Pro Developments books all over the table? A big Druplicon?

Gee, it will be my first time with other drupalers.

I'll be wearing a Drupalcon Barcelona shirt....

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And Dries looks like this:

We'll be in the downstairs part in the "meeting room" in the restaurant. Also, there'll be a lot of alien words like "Druplicon" and "node" coming out of that room, so you can't miss us probably. :D

What a great night

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Webchick, thanks so much for organizing last night's dinner with Dries. It was great to actually meet the man - he's a lot taller than I imagined! We had some very interesting talks, and not just about Drupal (hard to believe, I know, but its true). It was also good to meet up with some of the other local Drupal users, and of course chatting with the "regulars" is always entertaining. Hopefully we can get going on the local meetups again.