Drupal 101 - MiniBar Course

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2010-06-23 16:00 - 20:00 UTC
Event type: 
Training (free or commercial)

This is a course designed by MiniBar to get you into the Drupal development framework, which will set you up with the basics of developing a Drupal fully content managed website. It's divided into 2 x 4hour afternoon sessions from 4pm to 8pm. One on 23rd of June and one on 30th of June.
Booking at: http://drupal101.eventbrite.com/

++ Intro:

Drupal is a rapidly developing open source Content Management System, which is gaining popularity fast. It’s more versatile and flexible than Wordpress and now websites such as the Economist, MTV and even the White House are powered by Drupal.

We are not saying that after this course you will be able to build the White House's web operation, but you will be able to built decent Drupal sites and start earning money.

++ Who is this course for:

  • individuals who want to become Drupal developers

  • graphic designers who want to start building websites

  • developers who use frameworks such Wordpress

  • individuals who manange content on Drupal site and want to learn how add modules, change fields, tweak their site themselves without needing to call a developer each time

++ Goal:

At the end of the course you will be able to build a Drupal site, add modules yourself and customize themes.

++ Structure:

This course is split into two sessions. Part one covers the basic framework and content management: Nodes, menus, blocks, CCK and views. Part two takes us a bit deeper - getting Drupal to do things your way. Theming, management and maintenance and a few handy techniques to make Drupal jump through your hoops.

It will take place at Space Studios (on Mare Street/East London), which has twelve work stations, wifi and a friendly set up for the course. Each course is designed to last 4 hours (from 4pm to 8pm) with a half our break. All workstations will have Drupal installed as well as Apache. We recommend, however, to bring your own laptop and either install Drupal and Apache yourself, or come to the first session one hour early so we can set you up and not waste any precious teaching time.

++ Our master ninja teacher:

Peter Brownell has spent has many years as a Drupal developer and consultant. He is one of the founders of the Drupal UK user group, a Director at Code Positive (http://codepositive.com) and co-founder and CTO of School of Everything (http://schoolofeverything.com). Peter has run many Drupal workshops and trained a number of development teams in best practice.

++ Price:
This package is priced at £189 and attendance is limited to 20 (we reserve the right to cancel the class if less than 10 people sign up and will then refund attendees).

++ When

Wed 23rd of June 4pm to 8pm

Wed 30th of June 4pm to 8pm

++To prepare:

We recommend to install the Acquia stack on your laptop (http://acquia.com/downloads). This will set up everything we need to get started. Otherwise you will need to install Apache, PHP 5.2 (not 5.3), Mysql 5 and Drupal 6 separately.If you have problems with this please email us at info@openbusiness.cc and we can either set you up virtually, or you come to thr first event early with your laptop.