DrupalCon 2008 and Services

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Hello all,

I will be attending my first DrupalCon at Boston and am working to organize and propose a session about Services. I'm thinking of doing a short presentation about my original vision for Services, and then an open discussion on Drupal and web services in general, expanding on some of the great ideas posted over the last few months.

I'd like to know if there's anything in particular you think the session should cover, and also to connect with anybody who might be thinking of doing a Services related session, or would like to get involved.



Our Presentation

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Brian McMurray and I are planning to give a talk on Drupal, Flash, Flex, and SWFAddress at BostonCon 2008 - our proposal is up at http://boston2008.drupalcon.org/session/druplash-and-druplex-content-man... . We gave a version of this talk at DrupalCampWI this weekend. We've been working on finishing up a SWFAddress module to contribute in order to make full-on Flash / Flex sites possible with full bookmarkable URL support and HTML content underneath for smartphones, older browsers, and other alternate devices.

(One example of this is in use is http://www.stevenmerrilltenor.com/ , my own singing portfolio site. There are still some bugs on that site - until I tweak and release swfaddress.module, I wouldn't consider this site final. I used it mostly as a demonstration of the possibilities during our DrupalCampWI talk. We have other examples that are similarly almost done.)

As of right now, we're looking at the main focus of our DrupalCon talk in terms of Services being:

  1. Methods of getting data into Flash/Flex and why AMFPHP is the best option
  2. Writing custom services (Brian's written a menu service, a node path service, I've written a custom views service or two...)

If you'd like to talk further about either merging or changing the scope of our presentation (perhaps telling people to go to your presentation to learn about writing custom services,) hit us up with an email - steven dot merrill AT gmail and briancmcmurray AT gmail.

Thanks for writing the module, and I look forward to seeing you in Boston!

How do you contribute Services

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How to contribute coded Services back into the Drupal community?

  • comment.load
  • comment.user
  • inbox.getmessages
  • node.load
  • node.save
  • node.delete
  • user.login
  • user.logout
  • aggregator.load

good question

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allthought kinda off-topic

notice that several people have written same services :)
there should be a consensus bout this:
- Scott mentioned the other time not to post patches for new services that does not belong to the core, only services that expose core functionality should be in the Service module (thus contributed thru a patch), services exposing module APIs do not belong in the Service module… IMO valid point
- setting up a new project/module for every service that expose a custom modules API will fastly become a mess (cfr. imagefield, viewfield, etc, for cck… for services that could potentialy lead to much more extra modules, who sometimes only wraps the API into a service)
- adding those services to the custom module itself?? (not accustomised to drupal enough to see how this could be done)

so what consensus can be used?

Moved Topic Discussion

I would be interested in

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I would be interested in learning more about the possibility of using Services to register user accounts.

Services and Drupal

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Hi Scott,

The Services API is very important for Drupal. If there is anyway I can help in the creation of the presentation, please let me know. Although I'm still not 100% sure if I can attend the conference, I would absolutely love to help out before then. Once you've put together the presentation, I could go through it with you.

Some notes:

  1. The SOAP Server is almost done
  2. The Drupal 6 port of Services is complete
  3. REST Server is working quite nicely
  4. ... Once Drupal 6 is out, we should consider getting parts of the Services API into Drupal 7 core

Thanks a lot,


I was thinking of proposing

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I was thinking of proposing a session along these lines:

Making Drupal into a web services development platform

Drupal is a powerful platform for building web sites but is currently not well designed for developming web services. This session will be an open discussion for what and how Drupal needs to change to support web services development. Some obvious candidates include:

* Re-factor core (and hopefully contrib) to be API-driven, not form-submit driven.
* Create the ability to render all output in multiple formats (misc XML DTDs, JSON, PDF, ...), not just HTML.
* Create the ability to treat external content the same as internal content instead of requiring everything to be imported as a node.

If you are or want to develop web services with Drupal, come tell us what you need from core to make your job easier.

I'm not claiming to know what Drupal core needs for this. Quite the contrary---I want the session attendees to tell me. ;-)


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