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What do Freelance Themers want to see in a Help Wanted post?

Hi Themers,

I recently posted a Theming Job [1] which produced a lot of spam [2], but zero replies showing the person had read the post and/or could follow application instructions. I thought the application instructions were insanely easy (one link, estimate, ask questions), but I guess no one read down that far?

In any event, as I still need the work done, and I apparently need to re-write the job rec., so:

What do Freelance Themers want to see in a Help Wanted post?

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SPAM assault from turkeys in Turkey.

I'm about to have to remove myself from this group if I get any more email from turkeys in Turkey spamming this group with new wiki pages. Somebody please do something about it. I've notified G.D.O several times in the issue queue but I can't continue to police this mess. It's gotten out of control now.

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Omega, Views, Panels oh my!

I am curious. I am sure what I am wanting to do has been done before. I am attempting to build a theme using omega as the parent. I would like for the content zone to contain(at least on the homepage) a slider of images in the background with fixed-column-paneled content on top of it.

In other words the slider moves behind the paneled content.

Has anyone attempted this? I would think a zlayer css-magic trick could make this happen. unfortunately I have been unsuccessful. Thoughts?

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Using Omega 3, systems prompts for upgrade to Omega4

I have a couple of sites using themes created with Omega 3 as the base theme. I keep getting prompted to upgrade the base themes to Omega 4. I've tried removing Omega 3 as base and installing Omega 4, which usually really messes up the design. If I'm staying with Omega 3 for the time being, should I just ignore these updates eventhough Drupal's system thinks they are critical updates.



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Omega 4 is hard

As a long time omega 3 user I had to say starting with omega 4 is hard. I just have a feeling that things with drupal are getting more and more complex so I am wondering if we are making things faster or slower to use and build as there is so much of build a crane to build a crane to build a crane ... to build a building instead of just build one good crane to build a building.

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Omega Framework, Delta, Context and the "Boost" Module

Has anybody used the Drupal "Boost" module with an Omega theme?

If you're not aware, the Boost module sets up a cache of HTML pages that eliminates the necessity of going back to the database everytime a page request is made. I'm thinking of using it for an adaptive site I've made using the Omega Framework along with the the Delta, Breakpoint and Context modules.

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Omega and templates

I am trying to create a table in views which has different colours for the rows according to the value of a field in user. At present this is either white or green if the user:field_paid is set or not.
Following the video of torontowebdeveloper on youtube I have created a tpl.php file in my subtheme templates directory and a template.php in the root of the subtheme.
The tpl.php seems to sort of work but does not have any impact on the targeted row or even a field apart from removing the value of the row or field. Though I can see the class in firebug.

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Rearranging panel panes based on screensize

Im creating a site using the Omega theme due to my site having to be responsive.

I needs some input though on how to setup the site based on screensize.

I'm setting up my pages with Panels. Is it possible to rearrange the panel panes as the screen size changes?

I know that I can make the regions rearrange based on weight as the screen changes and I also know how to do that. My question is:

Can I make single panel panes change from one "region" to another "region" as the screensize changes?

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System/Error Messages in Omega

I've created an Omega-based theme and I'm also using Webforms within that theme. This is the first time I've used Webforms within Omega and I've noticed that System/Error messages are not being displayed on the web page after form submission or in the case of a form error. In other custom themes I've utilized, system/error messages seem to display fine for the same use case.

Does Omega display system/error messages differently? How do I get them to display on my web page?

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Different background image per page URL or per view URL

I just learned Omega 3 in the past month and I'm totally a fan now. Kent Lester, another Omega 3 fan is using different background images for different pages per his awesome 1 hour and 17 minute presentation about Omega 3, See Vimeo at http://vimeo.com/38144774 I haven't yet contacted him about how he does his. The Contact page on his website is not configured at the moment (kentlester.com). (Kent, contact me and I'll show you how to make a fantastic contact page using webform module and views). Anyway .....

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Block Based layout in Omega 4

Just starting out on omega 4 - which i have to say I'm every impressed by - from the outside - love the code based UI modularisation, SMACSS and serious sass/compass commitment. (I passed by on o3 in favour of zurb foundation)

So O4 is looking good, ut it's PANELS centric, and while I'm trying to be open minded here, I keep coming back to preferring BLOCKS - much out of concerns for my clients - as with http://getlevelten.com/blog/randall-knutson/how-i-learned-stop-worrying-...

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Best practice of Omega Kickstart sub theming

I'm using Omega on a Drupal Commerce website. I'm not using the Commerce Kickstart Install profile, but I am using a custom sub theme of the Omega Kickstart theme (which is a sub theme of Omega)

In other words...

Omega 7.x-3.1 -> Omega Kickstart 7.x-3.4 -> myCustomTheme

What's the best practice for overriding CSS in myCustomTheme?

Here's some background if necessary...

If I look at the page source, stylesheets seem to be coming from the following places:

  1. sites/all/themes/myCustomTheme/css/
  2. sites/all/themes/omega/alpha/css/
  3. sites/all/themes/omega_kickstart/css/
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menu and submenu horizontal

Hi, I true 2 week to do this, and i dont know how..:(

I want tu make menu and submenu horizontal, and that submenu dont vanish. Like here


but my code is this:


nav id="navigation" role="navigation">


div id="main-menu">
if (module_exists('i18n_menu')) {
$main_menu_tree = i18n_menu_translated_tree(variable_get('menu_main_links_source', 'main-menu'));
} else {

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Use omega to hide or show content for responsive?

Is there anything built into Omega that allows you to hide or display blocks or nodes dependent on the media queries?

Or are additional modules required for that?

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Omega 4 & XHTML

I was using Omega at work, now I have to start a new project and I would like to start using Omega 4.
The problem is that here, in Italy, laws on accessibiliy forbid the use of html5, I've to use XHTML.

The question is: is there a way to "transform" omega html5 to xhtml? Simply editing tpls is not enough.

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