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Ocultar bloque

Un cordial saludo a todos, requiero ocultar un bloque que tenga un valor especifico en uno de sus campos segun x o y condición desde la programación. soy muy nuevo en drupal y realmente no he podido con esto hasta ahora. muchas gracias

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Resize del calendario Google dentro de un bloque de Drupal

Hola Drupaleros de Madrid!!! Tengo un problema a la hora de trabajar con un calendario Google ...Creo un bloque e inserto el codigo que me ofrece google dentro de ese bloque... pero este bloque de drupal es incapaz de hacer un resize y adaptar el tamaño de ese bloque por ejemplo para el respetra el tamaño y sale de la configuracion... no consigo hacerlo ...aqui os dejo lo que hago para saber si localizais el error...

<h3>Calendario Eventos</h3>
       <div class="thumbnail">
           <div class="row-fluid"><iframe (embed google calendario)</iframe></div>
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Would you use Blocks, Panels, Views or Display Suite for this homepage design?


I'm building a Drupal commerce site and wondering how you'd approach the layout for the body of the following homepage design (see attached). The header is already done. It's the body and footer on which I'd like input. Would you use panels? Simple blocks? Your thoughts, suggestions, caveats, and best practice experiences are appreciated. Many thanks. I'll see some of you tomorrow night at the review class.

left sidebar: accordion menu [SAME ON ALL PAGES]

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Issue with customising a department vsite's home page in OpenScholar D7

Hi there,
I have latest openscholar + drupal 7.31 installation. I have the main site and 5 department sites and many more personal sites. I need to display a view generated block on the main site and not on the rest of the vsites. Currently view created block is appearing on the front page of the main site + front page of all the department and personal vsites. Can anyone provide some help on "How to display blocks on a specific vsite's front page but not on others" .

I have been stuck with this issue for a long time. Any help much appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

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No puedo acceder a configurar los bloques

Hola, no entiendo por qué, de repente ya no puedo acceder a la administración de los bloques en mi sitio drupal, me sale el siguiente mensaje:

PDOException: SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'a9079682_rib.ddblock_block' doesn't exist: SELECT * FROM {ddblock_block}; Array ( ) en ddblock_get_blocks() (línea 245 de /home/a9079682/public_html/sites/all/modules/ddblock/ddblock.module).

El sitio web encontró un error inesperado. Vuelva a intentarlo más tarde.
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Block Based layout in Omega 4

Just starting out on omega 4 - which i have to say I'm every impressed by - from the outside - love the code based UI modularisation, SMACSS and serious sass/compass commitment. (I passed by on o3 in favour of zurb foundation)

So O4 is looking good, ut it's PANELS centric, and while I'm trying to be open minded here, I keep coming back to preferring BLOCKS - much out of concerns for my clients - as with

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Problemas con Nivo slider

Hola resulta que estuve haciéndole a mi sitio web unas optimizaciones, como el cache de páginas para anónimos y para bloques, comprimir archivos js y css etc, y luego de eso mi nivo slider que esta en la página principal se daño, ya no funcionaba su javaScript salían todas las imágenes hacia abajo y al final los links, luego desactive el cache para todas las páginas y ahora si me funciona, esto a que se debe??

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Drupal Developer / Themer | Culture Foundry

Employment type: 
Full time
Employment type: 
Part time
Employment type: 

Culture Foundry is looking for a Drupal Developer / Themer to help us build engaging, robust, easy-to-update interactive sites and applications.

We are seeking people with:

Strong PHP, HTML and CSS skills, including:

PHP: the ins and outs of conditional blocks, loops, debugging, etc.
HTML: delivering HTML that is semantically rich and clean
CSS: delivering CSS that is bulletproof, flexible and optimized
You are comfortable with coding a design from scratch without relying on things like boilerplate templates and frameworks

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Designs for unified Blocks and layouts UI

As you may or may not know Blocks and layouts is a design problem that I have been working on for the better part of three years since I first started working at Acquia. Back then Jeff Noyes, Dries and myself were just focused on introducing drag-drop blocks to Drupal Gardens and didn't have a view to the wider problem of layouts because really at that point seven was not even out and it just seemed too big a problem to solve.

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Local Drupal 6 copy display's blocks as 'n/a' AND Administration Navigation bar missing

Hello everyone,

I have a local install of Drupal 6.22 on my MAC (running MAMP) and I've noticed that when I try to administer/edit a content page my Administrator Menu disappears, blocks display as 'n/a', and my footer goes missing. This makes it beyond difficult to make edits to the pages when they aren't displaying correctly.

I don't have this problem with the live version of the site. I currently use git to keep track of any file changes (like css or node-homepage.tpl.php) between my local and production website.

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