OpenData Working Group


This group is working on outlining best practices around OpenData directories (or data catalogs) and how to move forward in building them in Drupal. This group was formed from a BoF at DrupalCon Chicago 2011.

Join us in freenode at #Drupal4Data.

OpenData Working Group

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Drupal OpenData Working Group - Italian projects

This discussion is on best practices around Italian Drupal Open Data Projects with expecially focus on Open Government Data.

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Drupal Camp Mexico City 2014 final words

During 23 to April 25, 2014 we had a rewarding experiences when we reached our goal to create a Drupal Camp & Symfony Day in Mexico City at the same technical level of the Camps in USA and Europe. Furthermore it was very diverse since we’ve gathered people from a dozen countries: 35 speakers and 181 attendees. We are very proud to be the first camp to held simultaneously both the Symfony and the Drupal community in one event.

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Drupal University Initiative

Hi guys!!!

I've been cooking an idea about massive Drupal training in Mexico City among engineering and science students. It consist in three phases
1) Crowd-source a role centered Drupal learning curricula from existing sources and the community.
2) Marketing and promote the course + remote tutoring to students.
3) Evaluate graduated students, offer internships and future job opportunnities. Repeat

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Hot thread about merits of Drupal in Government over at Knight News Challenge...

Hi folks,

A couple of weeks ago we submitted a proposal to the Knight News Challenge ( for free hosted open data portals for local government based on our DKAN Drupal Distro ( The submission made the front page of the contest based on "applause," and got some nice press coverage (, which has drawn enough interest to ignite a bit of a flame war about the merits, or lack thereof, of Drupal for government. Please do weigh in as you see fit! :)



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Knight News Challenge submission for "DKAN" Drupal-based hosted open data platform

Hi folks,

We submitted to the Knight News Challenge today a proposal to deliver a free full open-source hosted data platform for local governments based on DKAN (

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Which CMS is used more foe software devlopment ?

0% (0 votes)
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Total votes: 0
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Something wrong with column for discussions or?

I see 3 columns when I visit the site and the third is for discussions but is very narrow and not easy to read. Is it how it should look or?

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How much share of drupal is in the software development in the world ?

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Total votes: 1
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US government publishes source code

The US government today announced the release of the source code of, built with Drupal. Governments worldwide can use this code to create open data portals. The US government and the government of India will develop the code together to build the Indian open data portal.
White House:

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oData module

Hello everyone,

just let you know that we built an oData module, for integrating any valid oData services with Views 3.
The module is under development, to become at least an alpha version.

A demo of our current work in progress can be found here.

Feel free to use the issue queue, to discuss/suggest any features you would like to add.

Thank you,

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