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RedHen CRM is an open source CRM build natively in Drupal 7.x Check out the project page on to download the code and contribute to development, documentation, and QA via the ticket queue: We also have a series of blog posts that dive deeper into RedHen's features, architecture, and code.

This group has been created to track requirements and document features - as well as to build community around the project.

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CRM api?

Hi everyone :)

Great to see some new interest in building a Drupal-native CRM.

Have you seen the work that was done at DC Copenhagen on an API spec? You can find it in this group:

I look forward to finding out more about the project!

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Estimated Release Date?

I'm really excited about this project. This is exactly what's been needed for Drupal for a while -- something that can really be directly apart of Drupal, with the ability to expand it as needed or keep it simple.

Most of all right now, I'm eager to get something like this installed on our site. So, do the Maintainers have any idea of when this might be ready for at least alpha or beta release?

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Engagement scores

At the DrupalCon Chicago RedHen BOF we discussed the importance of incorporating "engagement scores" in the CRM - particularly when leveraging the CRM for nonprofit and e-advocacy campaigns.

Below are some initial thoughts from Jeremy John at EchoDitto:


Existing engagement score modules like Userpoints make pretty deep assumptions that the objects being acted upon are Drupal users.

So, we have a choice. Either patch Userpoints to allow for interaction with Contacts, or allow the integration of Contacts with Users, that is, map Contact to User.

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