RedHen CRM

RedHen CRM is an open source CRM build natively in Drupal 7.x Check out the project page on to download the code and contribute to development, documentation, and QA via the ticket queue: We also have a series of blog posts that dive deeper into RedHen's features, architecture, and code.

This group has been created to track requirements and document features - as well as to build community around the project.
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RedHen and Views

I have installed RedHen CRM on a dev site for evaluating if it is the path for a CRM system to a customer.

But I was missing a lot of views. In the description it talks about being similar to Drupal Commerce. But Commerce is built around Rules and Views. And I am missing that about Redhen CRM.

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Activities in Redhen

What would we like to use it for?

  • Interaction log on the contact page: needs a nice representation of different kinds of interactions and limited filter capabilities (especially on the activity type and date).
  • Segmentation of contacts: needs advanced / fast filtering of activities often based on Activity Type specific fields - but usually focussing on a few Activity Types.
  • Contact data change-log: needs a way to store differences between two states. This differences don't need to be searchable.


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Basket CRM Interface for Views Bulk Operations

We've just made the decision to go with Redhen instead of Party CRM as a company. So I thought it would be appropriate to start sharing ideas, drafts and notes here :-)

One of the UX things I've been thinking about for quite some time is how to enable users to do powerful profiling and segmentation without confusing interfaces or too many interface options.

An idea that seems to work quite well is to use the concept of "baskets" like in a web shop. You have to see the "basket" as a sort of extension of views bulk operations.

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Capital Camp CRM BoF

Looking to do a BoF tomorrow at Capital Camp on native CRM solutions for Drupal. I'll ping this thread with the details once I have a time/location. If you're interested, LMK.


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Great podcasts on native CRM in Drupal

Modules Unravelled just completed its fourth podcast on open source CRM solutions in Drupal. They cover CiviCRM, Party, RedHen CRM and CRM Core. The content is great. I highly recommend that you check them out if you're interested in this work:

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Does CRM (the technology) need to be defined?

We no longer bother to explain the acronyms TV, DVD, RAM, and more...

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RedHen CRM Alpha1 released - Native CRM in Drupal 7.x

After 800 hours of development, ThinkShout's proud to announce the Alpha1 release of RedHen CRM - a native CRM framework for Drupal 7.

For more information, please check out our two-part blog post describing the architecture and feature set:

You can also learn more about the project on D.O at:

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RedHen CRM BoF today at Open Source Bridge

2012-06-28 18:30 - 20:00 America/Los_Angeles
Event type: 
Training (free or commercial)

Tonight at 6:30pm PST Lev Tsypin from ThinkShout will be hosting a RedHen CRM BoF as part of Open Source Bridge here in PDX.

If you're in town and interested, please check it out:

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RedHen CRM Demo

Last Tuesday I did a 20 minute demo of RedHen CRM at the PDUG meetup here in PDX.

This demo was based upon a sandbox sample install profile (and make file) at:

We'd love for you to check out the project. The sandbox is a lot like Commerce Kickstarter, in that it simply provides an example of what you can do with RedHen.

A quick run down of what you might want to check out in the distro:

  • Ability to manage custom entity bundles for contacts and organizations.
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CRM Case study and BoFs at the NTC Drupal Day, April 3rd

Quick heads up that the state of CRM integrations and native CRM solutions in Drupal will be a hot topic at this year's NTC Drupal Day, April 3rd. This full-day gathering of nonprofit IT decision-makers interested in Drupal is described in more detail at:

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CiviCon 2012 in San Francisco - April 2nd 2012

2012-04-02 08:30 - 17:30 America/Los_Angeles
Event type: 
User group meeting

The CiviCRM team invites you to CiviCon 2012

CiviCon – the annual conference for CiviCRM developers, implementers, administrators and users – is happening in the San Francisco Bay Area on April 2nd. Early bird registration is just $75 and ends less than a month away on January 30th, so reserve your spot now.

CiviCon is the annual CiviCRM event bringing together the people who develop, design, implement, administer, and use CiviCRM. We'll have great speakers, breakout sessions and panels highlighting real-world examples of nonprofits growing and sustaining relationships using CiviCRM. Find out about the future of the platform through discussions with the core team. You'll have ample opportunity to ask questions, meet other users and developers, make valuable connections, and get involved in the community.

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Looking to volunteer

Hello, I would love to volunteer to help with this group. I have limited developer experience, but am learning now. I have a Master's of Project Management also. Please let me know if there is anything that I can do to help?


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Two modules to potentially help the cause

(Excuse the cross-post. It looks like the discussion is moving to the "CRM" group - but that migration might take some time.)

Just wanted to toss out that ThinkShout's been working on two modules that might be interesting to folks looking at native CRM in Drupal 7.

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Any CRM Pushers at PNW Drupal Summit?

Are any of you CRM gurus attending the Oct 14 PNW Summit meeting? I'm surprised to not see any proposed sessions related to CRM development/integration.

I'm involved in CRM integration for churches/nonprofits, initially using CiviCRM but want to hear from the voice of experience and see a comparison of strengths/weaknesses of the upcoming solutions (Red Hen, dropCRM, churches CRM, etc) vs established ones like CiviCRM. As a newcomer to the CRM discussion, I'm looking for a bird's eye view of what's happening.

Any chance of a meetup in Portland? Will CiviCRM have a presence?

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Drupal Developer for a fun environment | Zasman - Confidential

Employment type: 
Full time

Employment type:
Full time
Not allowed

Full time position in Lafayette Colorado in a very exciting and fast growing company

• Ensure the continued uptime and capability of site by producing scalable, low-defect code and solutions.
• Participate in a full project life-cycle environment and theming project
• Work with other development team members and interact with other groups to define and implement new and existing products,
services, and technology.


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First off, it's very exciting to see this project. This has seemed like a glaring omission in the Drupal wheelhouse for a long time. For the project I'm currently developing, we've wanted a lightweight CRM system tightly integrated with Drupal from the beginning, so until this point we've been either had the option of using CiviCRM or building out something else that meets our needs.

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CRM api?

Hi everyone :)

Great to see some new interest in building a Drupal-native CRM.

Have you seen the work that was done at DC Copenhagen on an API spec? You can find it in this group:

I look forward to finding out more about the project!

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Estimated Release Date?

I'm really excited about this project. This is exactly what's been needed for Drupal for a while -- something that can really be directly apart of Drupal, with the ability to expand it as needed or keep it simple.

Most of all right now, I'm eager to get something like this installed on our site. So, do the Maintainers have any idea of when this might be ready for at least alpha or beta release?

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