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RedHen CRM is an open source CRM build natively in Drupal 7.x Check out the project page on to download the code and contribute to development, documentation, and QA via the ticket queue: We also have a series of blog posts that dive deeper into RedHen's features, architecture, and code.

This group has been created to track requirements and document features - as well as to build community around the project.
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RedHen Replaces Drupal Username with Contact Name

This is weird. Please let me know if this is expected behavior or if I should create a bug report. If it's expected, can someone explain why?

I am building a website for a non-profit and hoping to use RedHen. I'm trying to integrate Drupal user registration with RedHen so as to capture some RH contact info during the sign-up process. My user registration page captures fields for RH including First Name, Middle Name and Last Name and also the Drupal username.

A test user signed up. As administrator, I approved them and the system sent the usual message:

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Link a New Contact with an organization


I'm new to Red Hen, and I have had a lot of experience with CiviCRM, but I am ready to jump into the Red Hen flock (I raise chickens too, so it's a good match). Enough of that.

I hope someone can help me with the following flow: A new user signs up. During registration, RedHen contact info is collected. One piece that is also collected is, using check boxes, s/he can select one or more organizations that s/he is affiliated with, and that already exist as organizations in RedHen.

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Creating an Organization, Contact and activity at the same time.

I have been evaluating RedHen and to a lesser extent crm_core, and am running onto a missing feature that I would have thought was pretty common. Am I am missing something obvious.

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RedHen and Ubercart?

I am looking at RedHen as an alternative to Civi on a site that is in development but not yet public. I currently have set up using Ubercart for products, but need to develop a system for paid event registration.

If I use RH instead of Civi, I understand that I would need the Entity Registration module and a commerce module to handle paid event registrations.

What I'm not sure about is, could I do this with Ubercart or does it have to be Drupal Commerce?

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Web engineer | ThinkShout

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

Write good code, serve great clients, enjoy working with an awesome team.

ThinkShout seeks to hire an experienced web engineer. We are looking for qualified candidates interested in full-time, on-site positions.

About ThinkShout

ThinkShout provides web strategy and open source technology to forward-thinking organizations, such as the World Wildlife Fund, the Environmental Defense Fund, American Public Media and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

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RedHen & Salesforce NPSP

Has anyone any experience with integrating or using redhen for a front-end to salesforce particularly when that salesforce org is using the non-profit starter pack (NPSP)

From reading the documentation I understand the salesforce module and redhen share the same parents but I'm less sure about the how,why & when you would mix Redhen, salesforce module & salesforce

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building donations for integrated reporting

Is there a best way of developing a donations feature to allow for donor database style reporting?

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Migrating from CiviCRM

As a long time user of CiviCRM who has been interested in migrating to a native Drupal solution, I have a few questions about RedHen.

there is a list of features that were being explored. Is there a roadmap that might indicate when some of these features should available? Also, what about some features like contact change logging? Recurring events? Self-service modification of event registrations (with some limits as to what and when changes can be made)? Is there a plan/timetable for a D8 version?

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Gathering contact data when a new Drupal user record is created.

One thing that is quite easy with CiviCRM is enabling a CiviCRM "profile" (group of custom and standard fields) for use with new Drupal user account creation. Is there a way to do this with RedHen that does not require that we write custom code?

We are interested in migrating from CiviCRM and that is one of our requirements.

Thanks in advance.

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contacts without email address - (children as contacts)

Hi! Wondering how (or if it's possible) to handle children without email addresses as contacts. For the site we're developing we need parents to be able to register their children for programs and events. We were planning on using CiviCRM but Redhen looks like a much more graceful solution if it can do what we need.

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RedHen CRM sprint at DrupalCon today!

2013-05-24 09:00 - 13:00 America/Los_Angeles
Event type: 

Sticking around DrupalCon PDX today? Join us for at RedHen CRM sprint! We'll be working on a lot of new functionality, as well as Migrate 2.x classes.

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RedHen documentation sprint

Happy to announce that we've made a big RedHen CRM documentation push over the last few weeks, including the production of our first RedHen screencast.

You can check out the D.O. documentation pages at:

Also, you can check out our first screencast at:

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RedHen CRM case studies needed

Hi RedHen users,

I just got back from NTEN's annual Nonprofit Technology Conference. There is a ton of interest in RedHen and a few larger nonprofits as well as a handful of larger Drupal shops interested in leveraging RedHen on large-scale Drupal-CRM projects. It's great to see RedHen gain traction and ThinkShout is very interested in supporting other developers who seek to contribute to the project.

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Importing Contacts

Might one be able to use the Feeds module to import contact information into RedHen? Is there another way?

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Integration with newsletter

Hei, has anyone tried integrating newsletter module with redhen or has it got a newsletter component of its own? Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

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Evaluating for Overnight Website Challenge: Twin Cities 2013

Hi everybody, I've been looking into RedHen's progress and there is a lot to like. I love the entity-based approach.

I'm putting together a team of 10 Developers to compete during this year's Overnight Website Challenge in the Twin Cities: . We'll have 24 hours to make a website for a local area nonprofit and we're looking to leverage the power of RedHen + Drupal to accomplish that.

Currently, we're in the pre-event planning phase and we're running into some confusion on how to fully use Redhen to our advantage.

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Legal Services CRM

I'm evaluating Redhen CRM for the provision of legal services and have a few questions:

  1. Would it be possible to integrate project or case management into Redhen CRM? If so, is it built in or which modules would we need to consider?
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RedHen Contact names appearing site-wide

For every Contact I have (linked to a user record), their user record is showing their FirstName LastName and ContactType from their RedHen record -- sitewide wherever their user name should be displayed.

I do have the RealName module installed but that should be displaying fields from the user's profile fields.

I'm not totally opposed to this feature that RedHen seems to have introduced to our site, but...

(a) I want to know how to control it and/or disable it if I want to use RealName's settings instead; and

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RedHen and Views

I have installed RedHen CRM on a dev site for evaluating if it is the path for a CRM system to a customer.

But I was missing a lot of views. In the description it talks about being similar to Drupal Commerce. But Commerce is built around Rules and Views. And I am missing that about Redhen CRM.

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Activities in Redhen

What would we like to use it for?

  • Interaction log on the contact page: needs a nice representation of different kinds of interactions and limited filter capabilities (especially on the activity type and date).
  • Segmentation of contacts: needs advanced / fast filtering of activities often based on Activity Type specific fields - but usually focussing on a few Activity Types.
  • Contact data change-log: needs a way to store differences between two states. This differences don't need to be searchable.


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