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XAPI formula to turn any drupal site into an LMS

Just wanted to point to a pretty killer combo right now that's emerged and works really well that would let you basically turn any drupal (7) site into an LMS.

https://www.drupal.org/project/tincanapi -- works really well, has some built in tracking stuff and plugs into...
drupal.org/project/quiz -- So you can capture the state of things in an LRS; Quiz 5.x beta is awesome btw
and also..
https://www.drupal.org/project/h5p_tincan_bridge + https://www.drupal.org/project/h5p so you can get XAPI statements emitted from H5P files to flow via Drupal to an LRS.

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Welcome to TinyLMS!


please find attached a series of images showcasing some of the functionality available within TinyLMS - if you have any questions or are interested in taking it for a spin - by all means, drop us a note.



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CyberCourse: distro for authoring courses

CyberCourse is a Drupal distro for authoring courses. It focuses on university skills courses, like programming, writing, and math. It makes flipped, blended, assessment-driven classes practical.

Build a course with many exercises. Students write programs, write emails, find math logic errors... No multiple choice quizzes. Students get individual formative feedback from humans. Practical at scale, at low cost.

Students can fix and resubmit their work until they get it right. Supports mastery learning.

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Snr. Drupal Developer / DevOps Engineer | Redwolf - Digital Media Recruitment

Employment type: 
Not allowed

A fantastic position for a talented Drupal Developer with DevOps experience to work in a not for profit organisation.

  • Lead ongoing product development
  • $90,000 pro rata + salary packaging (4 days per week)
  • Located 3km North of Melbourne CBD

About the role:

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LMS scorm in Drupal 7

Hi All,

Currently I am developing the LMS System for my Client in drupal 7. I need to develop a SCORM feature in LMS system.

Since I am new to lms system, Can you help me to best SCORM module for drupal 7 to develop the same

Thanks in advance


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Demonstrating Opigno LMS - December Meetup

Hey, everyone,

I wanted to remind you that we’ll be hosting a special presentation of a new Drupal project at our Wednesday, December 11, Nebraska Drupalers meeting

We’re going to be showing a presentation on Opigno. It's a new Learning Management System that is built on the Drupal framework.

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Opigno : New Drupal LMS

A new Drupal-based LMS is available.

It's called Opigno, the idea is to provide an end product packaged as a distribution (Opigno). The user can download different apps separately and create their own, customized e-learning solution.

It has been designed to be very easy to use, and evolutive (through an app store). For more details you can have a look at: Opigno website

We'll be interested in your feedback on Opigno. Every comments or suggestions are welcome!

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Best LMS to use for online training, exams and certification?

I'm looking to build a combined Drupal / LMS, but the LMS needs to provide functionality for online training and also exams that people can receive certifications for. There may also be an element of online payment. Anyone have advice to share on what LMS would best fit these needs?
Thank you in advance.

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Project assignments LMS development - must know SCORM | BEA Enterprises Inc

Employment type: 
Part time
Employment type: 

Looking for a person to work on assignments during implementations of our LMS Drupal 7 system. Requires: knowledge of SCORM and input/output in SCORM formats; AND location in the Washington, DC, area (we are located in Maryland).
BEA is a Drupal-only web developer. Majority of our projects supporting public health programs (international and domestic).
Contact don@bea-enterprises.com.
Opening is immediate.

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Is Schoology built on Drupal? If so is it violating the GPL?

I was researching LCMS (learning content management systems) or LMS platforms built to integrate or run on the Drupal platform. So far the most polished platform I've found was the SaaS (software as a service) product offered by schoology.


Now I'm not a lawyer but if schoology is built upon or in part using the Drupal platform is it not required to provide said code to anyone who asks under the GPL license?

Someone chime in and agree or set me straight on this subject.


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