This is a discussion and working group for anyone interested in the Services module and related modules. This module was created out of a need for a standardized solution of integrating external applications with Drupal, specifically Flash and Flex applications. Visit the issues page for all bug reports. Also visit the Services Handbook for information and examples.

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Can you create a flash player?

I recently headbutted my wife's Cartoon Smart flash tutorials long enough to create two extremely simple flash players: mp3 and flv. If you look in the FLAs, I've limited the actionscript to the bare minimum.

But that's as far as I can realistically go. So, calling Flash devs who might be lurking: express your intent right here. I can handle the review and commits if you think you can improve these players and are willing for your contributions to be GPL and Drupal housed.

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Returning a RecordSet to Flash

UPDATE: I've confirmed that it is, indeed, the Drupal module breaking this functionality. Issue is located here:

In the past version of AMFPHP, I returned a recordset to Flash and Flash received/manipulated it fine (in other words, I only have db_query, and omit the mysql_fetch_* step before passing back to Flash).
Now, Flash doesn't believe it's receiving anything.

Also, it seems this may be a general AMFPHP problem:

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Should there be a separate "Flash" group?

Yes, I'd join a new Flash group.
89% (16 votes)
Yes, a Flash group would have a totally different focus, but I wouldn't join.
6% (1 vote)
No new group. Rename Services to "Services and Flash" or "Services and Embedding"
0% (0 votes)
No new group. Flash is just a small part of Services.
6% (1 vote)
Um, what has this got to do with Services?
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 18
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simple REST server?

I've got a project where I am integrating Drupal with a third party service (a video upload/transcode/hosting provider, kind of a white-label YouTube: when something updates at that service they want to ping my server @ a URL I designate with some simple key/value pairs, and I want to act on that ping.

Services seems like a perfect fit, except: a) XMLRPC and AMFPHP seem to be the only servers pre-written; and b) I haven't grokked the server part of the services equation to author what seems like a super-simple server - one that only responds to $_REQUEST variables.

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At last, I give you two screencasts to help you get started with Services. The first takes you through the development of a custom service module. The second shows you how to build and connect a Flex app to Drupal using Services.


Screencast 1 - Overview and Creating a Custom Service

Screencast 2 - Flex Recipe Application

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Flash/Flex and Yahoo Pipes

I've been exploring a bit into Yahoo Pipes and came across this Flex Based Mashup of and Youtube. Having seen this, I'm thinking there are all sorts of possibilities for this type of integration (by those who know their way around these applications).

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Storing javascript preferences

As part of SWF Tools you can embed Flash into the webpage in 2 obvious ways:
- directly embedded into the html.
- with a flash replacement technique (eg. SWFObject, jquery.flash.js, and UFO to come)

So, say my choice, as administrator, is SWFObject. But what if the user has javascript turned off? I think the result is no flash (even though the use might want to see it).

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SWF Tools - pwning Flash player integration


(Since there is no specific Flash group, I'd like to post this to the Services group which, I assume, attracts some flash developers. Also, Cross posted in the forums.)

I'm getting close to doing an official release of SWF Tools. The goal of SWF Tools is to standardize Flash embedding and replacement code for Drupal. Every-so-often, a new coder commits their own slice of Flash to the repository. Usually it offers only a small subset of possible goodness, and usually with no opportunity to integrate.

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Search Engine + flash/flex

Update: proof of concept + source code available (for flash/AS2)

Hi all,

I would like to inquiry on the current status of flash/flex search engine indexing thru drupal!
As with the addition of the services module in drupal, a couple of blogs mentioned that Mr. Nelson had made a site (or proof of concept) of it, but the link to the site was removed by request of the company (if I recall well).
I assumed that this proof of concept would pop up here, but did not see anything from it since then.

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One-off Drupal/Flex development | N/A

Employment type: 
Part time
Employment type: 

Building on this excellent article by averageyoungman:

we are looking to build a more complete proof of concept of using Flex/Drupal (and we are prepared to pay for it!) A full description of this mini application is available here:

Note that this proposal has also been posted on CodeLance:

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"This by Them" needs more of "Them" - Freelancers Wanted!

My company, This by Them (about a year old now) is in demand and we need some help. I'm looking to make some connections with freelancers that we can bring in on projects as needed.

We would get along if you have most or all of these skills, in order of importance:

* Installation and configuration expert
* Understanding of and experience with CCK and Views modules, as well as other main contrib modules
* Theming
* Module development and general understanding of Drupal API and hooks

* Flash, actionscripting, etc.
* Ruby on Rails

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On consuming web services

This is all great for exposing Drupal as web services, but consuming web services still eludes me. For instance, I have an LDAP directory exposed via SOAP and want to build a client to search and list directory entries from within Drupal. Am I better off making a homegrown "php snippet" solution, or am I missing something that the Services module already provides?

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Services Handbook

There is now a Services Handbook with information and examples to help you get started. Any suggestions for improvements on these pages are welcome. Also, feel free to contribute content if you'd like.


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A really, really simple Services + AMFPHP example using Flex


Many seem to be chomping at the bit for examples, and seeing as I've got this working I figured I might as well post one. This is about as simple as you can get in terms of retrieving data from Drupal, via services.module, in Flex:

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Could the Dojo work on/learn about the Services module?

Per snelson's (creator of these amazing sites) description of the Services module:

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Jabber Service

Out of curiosity as to how the Services modules worked, I started work on a Jabber Service for Drupal. The result is a service that allows you to connect to a Jabber server and send a message. It's just the beginnings, and I'd like to see it progress. If anyone would like to expand on the idea, please do. You'll be able to find all required code here:

Feel free to take a look at the code and see if there's anyway we could make Drupal->Jabber integration better. Thanks a lot!

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Service Browser Arguments - Arrays and Objects

A problem I have not found a good solution for is how to handle array and struct input in the service browser. One idea is to use JSON format, and then parse the JSON string into its PHP value, but this would require a JSON parser. The PEAR JSON parser is commonly used, but it is not GPL and I don't want people to have to dowload additional scripts.

Any ideas?

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Introducing, Services module

This module was created to provide an API for Flash and Flex developers to consume Drupal core services, as well as for Drupal developers to be able to easily create services for Flash and Flex consumption. Rather than limit this type of functionality to Flash and Flex applications, namely AMF messaging, I thought it would be a better idea to create a generic solution that can be used with a number of protocals such as XMLRPC, SOAP and REST.

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