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Markdown and Media embed integration in Drupal 8

Decide on a standard approach for embedding media in Drupal 8 when authoring in the Markdown format.

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DITA-OT to Markdown plugin announced

Today on the Yahoo DITA group, Jarno Elovirta announced the release of a markdown DITA-OT plugin. The plug-in adds support for consuming and producing Markdown with DITA-OT. See for more information.for more information.

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Markdown and Media/image usage

This post is just me trying to assemble some knowledge and best practice on using WYSIWYG alternatives (namely Markdown) without sacrificing regular content creation strategies like image inserts.

Obviously, as this is non-WYSIWYG, if someone proposes a group or documentation page that suits this topic better, I'll glady move this info someplace else.

WYIWYG approach: Media Module + WYSIWYG

  • This has been well documented and is the proposed approach


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Markdown och WYSIWYG

Hej alla.

Jag har spånat på en idé hur länge som hälst, men inte kommigt till skott och fråga. Dock har jag letat både högt o lågt.

Vad jag är ute efter är en WYSIWYG fom producerar Markdown, istället för HTML.
De är sött och coolt att kunna generera HTML i en editor på webben, men jag kan tycka att HTML råkar vara den absolut värsta markupen man kan tänkas använda som källformat.

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Input formats - markdown and friends

I've finally spent a little time with input formats. I really want to offer a text => markup syntax since I find those the most comfortable way to write. So I settled on Markdown, which borrows heavily from email conventions. If you write in email style your post will come out as you wish.

The following filters are running on this site

FYI, here is the above list in markdown syntax:

I have the following running on this site
* [markdown]( also see [markdown extra syntax]( provided by [marksmarty.module](
* codefilter](
* [urlfilter](

I looked around and some posts do look a bit different from before the filter. In most cases, you just have to get rid of hacks you used because I didn't have these filters! please report any problems or suggestions.

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