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Image upload with headless / decoupled drupal?

I'm trying to figure out the best way to handle images in a headless drupal 8 install. Using the /entity rest endpoint is not working during serialization as it seems like I need to have a URI for the existing file on the drupal install. I'd like to be able to do everything in one step, if that's possible.

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Drupal, REST and XML

I've stumbled across some older, but still very interesting articles by Kurt Cagle regarding combining Drupal and XML technologies:

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Headless Drupal without PUT is possible?

Hi folks

I am writing a Headless Drupal application for Drupal 8 and I found this discussion Putting off PUT

I'm trying to create a patch to enable PUT for entities in order to enable to create a client side node add/update from Backbone

Someone here has more knowledge about this situation or have a contingence plan?

Kind regards,

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Social Media and SEO - Broward Drupal Meeting Minutes - December 10, 2014

We held our Broward Drupal monthly meetup on Wednesday, December 10th from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.

Remote participants(via Skype and
Orlando - Deborah Wilson, Patricia Mathews
Miami - Ron Norman @rnorman489

In Person (Greater Fort Lauderdale, Broward County Florida):
Carlos Kosloff @asrealty, Jay Epstein @jeppy64 and me @hectoriribarne

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An example iOS app for Drupal 8

Hello Drupal Community,
I and my mentor Jeff Linwood ( ) we are very glad to inform you that GSoC 2014 project - an example iOS application for Drupal 8 has been completed.

As per the requirement we have demonstrated CRUD operation for content entity , login - logout , fetching data from REST export ( for view). Due to file related bug in REST module () we are unable to demonstrate CRUD on file resources. We have used AFNetworking and we have also created same project with NSURLSession API.

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Getting restws to do more than respond

Having discovered that Services just can't handle parsing XML correctly (attributes), and that altering the parser list to call simplexml doesn't, in the end, seem to call it, I'm trying my luck with restws, given that it seems to be the direction to head in anyway.

I have configured the path in my module as such:

function mymodule_restws_resource_info() {
    return array(
        'mymodule_person' => array(
            'label' => t('Person'),
            'class' => 'PersonResourceController',
            'menu_path' => 'api/person',
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Drupal Lead | Media Client

Employment type: 
Not allowed

Strong technical experience in CMS/WCM applications & enterprise business applications with Onsite exposure
Excellent programming experience in PHP frameworks & Drupal (v6 & v7) Content Management System
Experience in LAMP, WAMP, GIT
Strong at integration using Web Services (SOAP, REST)
Good communication skills and client handling experience.
Capable of designing templates and overall site information architecture.
Hands on experience in the following areas of Drupal v6 & v7:
Installing and Configuring Drupal
Identifying various contributed modules
Custom module development

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Drupal Developer | Blue Horizon Tek Solutions

Employment type: 
Not allowed

The Role: Drupal Developer
Consulting 6+ Months (W2 or Corp)
Location: NYC Midtown
Company: Global Media

The Role:
Collaborate with other groups internally to build and implement Drupal modules or other programs. They may also work to patch and improve community Drupal modules as way to resolve issues that are found and as new business requirements are identified.

They'll also need you to guide other developers on the Drupal ecosystem offering the transfer of knowledge and best practices for deploying and managing Drupal-based web sites.

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Backbone.js Cookbook and DrupalCon Prague sessions

Hey folks,

Only local images are allowed.

I am happy to announce that the Backbone.js Cookbook I wrote for the PACKT publishing has been finally published. It covers many interesting topics and contains over 80 recipes. You will learn how to creating outstanding Backbone.js application from scratch. Please, check it out!

Also, there are going to be many interesting sessions about Backbone.js and REST on the DrupalCon Prague!



You are welcome!

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Peoples Collection Wales Technical Officer | The National Library of Wales

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

The main parts of this job will be to develop tools, interfaces and advise on technical issues around the Peoples Collection Wales, which is currently being rebuilt using Drupal.

The job will involve mainly working on the APIs out of Drupal, and advising on new features and capabilities of the drupal site, which has been outsourced.

The job is varied and will allow someone to build tools for end users, institutions and non technical people all through the use of the Drupal API and endpoints.

A PDF of the full job spec can be found here

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