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Drupal Camp Bangalore - Call for Sessions

Hello everyone,

We are less than a month away from the first ever Drupal Camp Bangalore and the excitement is already in the air.

Drupal Camp Bangalore is one of the the biggest gathering of Drupal enthusiasts from India and around the world. Its a two day event with 400+ participants from various backgrounds. We are having many interesting sessions and code sprints lined up for the event.
If you have not yet registered for the event, please go ahead and finish it now.

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Call for Sessions @ DrupalCamp Skopje 2015

Only local images are allowed.

Considering that this is the first DrupalCamp in our country you're welcomed to share your Drupal experience in Beginner|Intermediate|Advanced level with the community.

Got some interesting #Drupal experience to share? Register your own session at @

Session submission is open till April 15th.

You want so sponsor the event? Visit

See you in Skopje - 2- 3 May 2015

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New England DrupalCamp 2014 Session Submissions Open

Session submissions are now open for the upcoming NEWDcamp (New England DrupalCamp - scheduled for November 1, 2014 in Providence, RI). Feel free to submit multiple sessions if you have different topics to share.

Please note that the final date for submitting sessions is September 1st.
Good luck, folks!

To submit a session:

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Florida Drupal Camp 2014 - Sessions

Have you already registered for Florida Drupal Camp 2014?

Are you planning to attend but have not yet registered?

Florida Drupal Camp 2014 is only a month away and the clock is ticking!!

Do you have a topic you would love to present in a session? Or maybe you have something you would love to learn about from someone else? Floirda Drupal Camp is looking for your session submissions and suggestions!!

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Backbone.js Cookbook and DrupalCon Prague sessions

Hey folks,

Only local images are allowed.

I am happy to announce that the Backbone.js Cookbook I wrote for the PACKT publishing has been finally published. It covers many interesting topics and contains over 80 recipes. You will learn how to creating outstanding Backbone.js application from scratch. Please, check it out!

Also, there are going to be many interesting sessions about Backbone.js and REST on the DrupalCon Prague!



You are welcome!

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Register for DrupalCamp Toronto!

The next DrupalCamp Toronto is happening next month and registrations are coming in fast! Be sure to register now to reserve your spot at this year's event!

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Drupal Government Days North America and Europe this year!!

This year, there will be two Drupal government days. One in Europe (yet to be announced) and one in North America, DC to be specific.

The North American conference will be held at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland. The event is a joint conference with Mil-OSS and will have multiple tracks this year and span 2 days. More information is available on our splash page

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Drupal Camp Submit a Session

We're looking for session proposals for TC Drupal Camp 2013.

Last year we got some feedback that there was a shortage of "beginner" sessions. I did some checking around for beginner topics listed at other Drupal Camps and created this list of session ideas.....

Sharing a list of possible topics. Please, feel free to steal these ideas and submit your own session.

If there are any of these sessions that you'd like to see at Drupal Camp, post a note here to inspire someone to propose it?

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Drupal Camp Utah - Call for sessions!

We are still looking for proposed sessions for Drupal Camp Utah. Please share your interest in one of the many Drupal topics by proposing a session here:

Also, don't forget to sign up for the event. Early registrations get a camp t-shirt on the day of the camp.

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Schedule view not showing all rooms

The Views panel that shows my session schedule shows all my sessions across 6 rooms and is not showing the 7th room. I tried looking at the views setup (using the default that comes with cod distribution) and I am not seeing any reason why the additional room would drop off the schedule.

Any thoughts?

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