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Changing of menu item changes login form

Hi all,

I have a bit of a problem and I'm not quite sure how to tackle it. I have created a new menu that is set to display in a sidebar to authenticated users and contains only 3 items. One of the items links to 'user' so that the users can manage their account information.

I just found out that when I change the title of the menu item, it also changes the headline title of the login form. (see attached image) Why? And better do you have any ideas where I can look to solve this problem?

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

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Single login-less or one-time login links

Hi all,

I have a Drupal question you might have some insight on. I am working on a drupal site and some of the changes require approval from other members of the company. These members are always going to be changing depending on the area of responisbility. Additionally the team decided that they would rather not have these members log in to the site as the amount of lost passwords, etc. might become a larger issue. The links are sent via email to various people only to LOOK AT but not change existing content and how it would appear on the page or section.

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Using rules to set content permissions

I'm a Rules noob with what could be a very common and easy problem to solve, yet I'm stumped. I have a content type called "resource" that I'd like to partially gate so that anonymous users can see the title and teaser, but not the full body or file attachments without logging in. Is it possible to use Rules to make it so that a user must log in to view the full node for a specific content type?


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Help with integrating coldfusion login with drupal

I am trying to figure out an easy way to make users on my site log in to a coldfusion database before they are able to view pdfs.

Here is what I have set up now:

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One-Time Password (OTP) Module

Hello. I'm thinking of developing a "poor man's" one-time password (OTP) module. I call it a poor man's OTP since it will not require the purchase of a hardware key fob for generating passwords and the one-time passwords will be emailed to a mobile phone using a secure SMTP server rather than a SMS gateway which usually incurs a fee.

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Approach for assigning a user to a certain role based on user profile (locative) data

Hi there,

I have my first Drupal site up and just polishing up some of the UX / Business rules elements of the site.

I need to be able to assign users to ttwo different roles based on their user:location_country attribute.
If they are from US/Canada - they go to one role, otherwise they go to another role.

I know i have to execute some PHP when the User is created, but i am not sure of the syntax or how to set it up.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



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Login Security for Drupal 6 1.0 release is out

It took some time, but finally the 6.x-1.0 version of Login Security module is out. For a brief introduction to the module features please go to the module documentation. The README file included in the module explains the different options for the module settings and a configuration example.

Hope you enjoy the module!

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Run Rule once on first login

Is it possible to trigger a rule only once the first time a user logs into their account. If I create an account for them I want them to be redirected to update their profile information.

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Login: "Remember Me" - Option

What are your experiences?

cheers, Ronald

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Extern länk för inloggning


Om jag inte vill ha någon inloggning på min sida utan helt enkelt kunna nå inloggningen från en annan subdomän, finns det någon smidig lösning då?


publik sajt: example.org
administration: admin.example.org

Antar att om jag bara har en site som är example.org så kommer bägge adresserna mappas dit, men hur avgör jag om det är administrationen man vill åt och inte den publika sajten.??

Tack på förhand! :D

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