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Kommer inte åt att logga in

Jag har min webbplats nedkopplad pga olika underhållsarbeten. Efter den senaste uppdateringen av en del moduler, tycks jag ha hamnat i en loop som inte ger mig tillgång till login möjligheter.

"Webbplatsen är nedkopplad
alsbro.se underhålls för närvarande. Var vänlig återkom inom kort. Tack för ert tålamod. "

Tack / Tomas

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Multisite, single sign-on sans openID....any pointers?

I've got a client who is looking at having around 50 or so multisites, all different domains, but would like allow either a single sign on approach, i.e. signin once and automatically be authenticated across all the multisites, or have the same user/pwd but have to sign in, using that across sites, with shared profiles.

Any, semi secure way to do this without using OpenID?

I've taken a cursor look at this module, http://drupal.org/project/multisite_login, but we're on Drupal 6.

I've got the time/skillset to port it, but would prefer a proven solution over rolling my own.


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Ministry Intranet Style Site Security

I'm working on a D6 site that could be considered an Intranet style site for members of our ministry. It is accessible from anywhere on the Internet, but should have very little content available without logging in.

How do I best lock down the site so that people have to log in before getting information without showing an "Access Denied" page at the first page where they log in? I envision a future where blogs with some public facing content could occur so I don't want to lock out that option in solving this problem.

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Separate login / registeration links for usability improvement - please review the patch

I've modified logintoboggan to allow separate login and registration links for usability improvement. Please review the patch.

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Login/logout redirects: page not found

  • I login in Drupal.
  • I click on forum link and enter the phpbb forum, where i'm correctly logged in.
  • I click on Logout in the phpbb forum: i get "Page not found" in Drupal.

I also had another problem with redirects, described here, which I paste here too, if it can be useful:
"Forum stuff" block shows 3 links: private messages, unread topics, unread posts. Links to topics and posts work, but "private messages" links to a "forum/inbox" which doesn't exist. But inbox exists, I can use it from the forum.

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Login procedure

For the last couple of months I've been working on a web community page using drupal 5.1.
Well recently I've started on a mobile version of the page. While I don't have problems with themes, views and content display - a big issue appears at drupal's login procedure. Now I've tested my mobile page on several phones, so for I've managed to successfully login on 'new' phones - Nokia's with Symbian S60 3rd edition (2nd edition fails t) and Sony Ericsson K800i (not sure what 'OS' is behind it).

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Need help with a Drupal site.

Hi, everyone.

I am having a problem with a site that I set up a short while ago, http://www.make-a-statement.net. Other than having edited the blog module to make them private blogs, it's a standard 4.7 installation. What's happening is that the site is rejecting all non-admin logins, period, even when valid, and it's not allowing the admin user to gain access to the administrative functions. This is my livelihood, so if someone can help me out ASAP, I'd be very, very appreciative.


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