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Launch of my Drupal 8 based technology blog website

I have launched my website based on Drupal 8 which is a collaboration site for people to share their technical expertise, review new technology and gadgets, provide solution to technical problems, give their views on events which is shaping our future technology landscape to help their community and internet users as a whole solve technical problems and take decisions regarding their choice of technology.

Site link:

Please visit my website and leave your feedback so that I can improve it to make it more useful and user friendly.

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Advisor/Consultant | Paper City Pulse

Employment type: 

I'm looking for an advisor/consultant that could help me build a Drupal site. I'm building an online newspaper with pretty simple features, including forums, contributor blogs, local advertisements (CPM/CPC) and – for now – a canned theme. I just need someone who can help with workarounds, bugs and stuff I don't understand.

A few phone calls or emails to help troubleshoot stuff, and up to 2-5 hours per week of legwork. I'll do most of it, I just need a smarter, more experienced Drupaler to keep me on the right track.

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Duda sobre views

Buenas a todos,

Quiero hacer una lista con las ultimas entradas de blog, con un icono , el título de la entrada, un breve resumen ( incluyendo los ... al cortar el campo)y un botón "ver mas", para mostrarla en un bloque.

Hasta ahora he añadido la imagen al tipo de contenido, el campo titulo y el campo body, y lo he configurado para que muestre un numero determinado de caracteres.

Lo que no logro hacer es mostrar los "..." al final de este resumen, y mostrar un botón "ver más".


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Unique memebr blog creation/placement in Drupal 6

Attempting to create a special situation.
Wanting the Member's profile to be able to post blogs but the blog post of
that member must show up on their page (below profile or somewhere) or on a block
next to the members main content/profile

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Single poster, single site, multiple blogs to post to. Yeah, it happens.

I have a Drupal 7 site. Currently I am the only 'blogger' on the site. Core 'blog' module will only allow the logged on user to post to one blog. I have (so far) two blogs to post to. With core I can only post to one 'blog' as one user and then if I desire to post to any other blog...I have to create a separate account, separate username and all that, to post to another blog on the same site/install.

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Information is power!

First thing to be discussed in our small group

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Drupal Developer/Designer | California Social Work Education Center, UC Berkeley

Employment type: 

Job Description: Drupal Developer/Designer

The California Social Work Education Center ( within the School of Social Welfare ( the University of California, Berkeley ( is seeking a Drupal developer/designer to redesign its current website.

Site functionality will need to include:
– Content workflow management
– Keyword search
– Search engine optimization
– RSS feeds
– Blogs, social networking/groups, wikis
– Polls/surveys
– Events/community calendar
– Video, audio postings; video hosting

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Best way to organize blogs on the newspaper site

What is the best way to organize blogs on the newspaper site?

Media companies being different beings have a different set of requrements:

  • multi-user blogs (many users can post to one blog, and no other blogs)
  • site-wide "web editors" that have ability to change any post on any blog

At the moment, it looks like Organic Groups is the only solution.

Have anybody done anything like that?

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Blog administration and control for media site


I am working on a media site that will have a number of blogs. I have gone over every discussion in the Multi-user Blogging group as well as the last two years posts in Newspapers on Drupal.

Although I have tested many of the modules and techniques I found, there are a few things I haven't been able to find solutions to.

The main thing I found is that multi-user blogging seems to be geared at making it available for any user with a certain role to be able to create a blog. This is something we want to avoid since it needs to be controlled by admin and/or editorial staff.

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User blogs not showing title or teaser

Good day,

For some reason, our user's blogs are NOT showing the node title or teasers content.

Here's the blog:

Screenshot can be found here:

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