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Best practices for news images

I am looking for best (available) practices to manage images for news. Is essential for news images to be reused some times. Does someone find a way to reuse images and arrange them in galleries?
I want to upload images, arrange them in galleries and be able to attach them to articles multiple times?

For now the closest I found is “IMCE file browser”, but it’s very basic way.
There are no thumbnails no description for pictures, only preview when you select the picture.

Someone found a way?

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Best homepage design for slow publishing news site

We have a news site, we dont put out 100's of articles a day. Actually we post about 15 articles a day.
Our current design is the normal news layout but it seems as if the site is standing still because old content remains on the page too long.

What is the best layout for a slow news publishing website? Is it blog format maybe? Any tips?

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Best way to organize blogs on the newspaper site

What is the best way to organize blogs on the newspaper site?

Media companies being different beings have a different set of requrements:

  • multi-user blogs (many users can post to one blog, and no other blogs)
  • site-wide "web editors" that have ability to change any post on any blog

At the moment, it looks like Organic Groups is the only solution.

Have anybody done anything like that?

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Community Blogging Policy

As I move further into our new website, I'm very interested in opening the door for community bloggers. My bosses, of course, want some kind of clear policy in place governing community blogging, before we let people speak their minds on our site.

Can't say I really disagree with them, considering how easy it is to be sued in today's world.

I was curious as to whether or not anyone already had a policy in place for community blogging, or something I could look over to glean a few ideas?

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How to Create Multiple Front Pages for different categories of News ?


I want to make a theme that can display the same front page theme layout for some categories/links .

For instance the site will have News categories like local, national, international, business,etc. Each menu link to these should display the same home front page format. And news promoted to front page to these categories should move to the corresponding front pages.

Any ideas, inputs to achieve this will be highly appreciated.

Thanks a lot.


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off Topic question(s)

Recommended places to find answers to non-Drupal questions related newspaper production & newspaper website production.

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Panel Tutorial

Ello all,
I am looking for a good panels tutorial.
thank you.

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What can Drupal do for my newspaper site?

This wiki page answers some of the basic questions of how Drupal may be used for powering a newspaper website. The intended audience is newspaper people who have just heard about Drupal, and want to know a bit more about what it is and what you can do with it.

There's a discussion at the bottom of the page. If you're new to Drupal, feel free to add any questions you have there. (If you're not new to Drupal, feel free to answer any questions or to improve this page in any way you find suitable.)

I've included a some questions concerning import/export, heavy data traffic and a bit more. I'd be grateful if anyone with more Drupal-skills could check these. Also - since I'm not a native English-writer, I'd also be happy for language checks. And, of course, anybody is free to change the page in a way they think improves it. //Itangalo

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Some Drupal learning resources

This wiki page lists a number of learning resources for Drupal users, particularly resources useful for newspapers and resources outside drupal.org.
Welcome to add any resources you feel are missing, as well as comments to resources you have experience of.
There's a discussion of the wiki page at the bottom.

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DotNetNuke for newspapers?

The magazine I'm web editor for is planning on rebuilding the web site. Main candidate has been Drupal, but yesterday DotNetNuke was suggested as an alternative. (DNN was said to have all/many of the features we were looking for right out of the box.)

I've been trying to find useful comparisons between DNN and Drupal, but so far only with modest success. (For example, opensourcecms.com doesn't have DNN, and cmsmatrix.org mainly lists a number of labels which are difficult to understand and not always relevant.)

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