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New Slack channel

Hey everybody,

Since I'm a huge Slack fan over IRC, I started a new #tridug channel in the official Drupal Slack team, which you can join here:

Come and say hello!

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TriDUG’s New Logo: Behind The Scenes…

Whoever runs the TriDUG Twitter account, your @ mention today reminded me that I never got around to posting a link here to my portfolio page for the new logo:

A situation that is now remedied! Please feel free to leave your thoughts there or here. I’m in the process of updating and revising my portfolio, but this link should stay the same. If you notice that it goes dead, please let me know, thanks!

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Final TriDUG Logo & Files

While it’s been a few months in the making (time sure does fly!), the final version of the TriDUG logo and type treatment are now available. I’ve also included a PDF that delineates the full color scheme for print, screen, and the web.

If you haven’t seen my previous presentations, and would like to see more of the development process, take a look at the following g.d.o posts:

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TriDUG Logo Explorations 2 - Electric Boogaloo

Tonight at the TriDUG MeetUp, I presented new variations of ideas for a logo for our Drupal Meetup Group. Please see the attached presentation and leave your comments below. Since this is the next to final round, please limit your comments to verbal questions, concerns, and comments. This will allow for smoother development so that the next phase will truly be the last phase. :)

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TriDUG Logo Explorations

At the last TriDUG meeting, I volunteered to create a logo for the group to use for branding, event signage etc. I was to present tonight at the meeting at Hesketh, but a family obligation (I'm now an uncle!) has prevented me from doing so. Attached are three possibilities for the logo with some possible extensions. Also please reference the attached explanatory document which covers what I would have said during the presentation.

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Will you be attending DrupalCamp Boone?

92% (11 votes)
8% (1 vote)
Total votes: 12
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