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Some thoughts on the process

I have been tracking the conversations in here. It's good to see things are moving on this front. From reading the discussions so far, these are my thoughts on the process I see:

Time-boxing is good, closing comments is not.

Especially after only an handful of comments and only a couple of days. There's Drupal people in all of the timezones all over the world. Give things a bit more time. Why close comments at all, why not be clear on where you are in the process without shutting down avenues for further discussion?

Leave room for the discussion to evolve

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Notes: Usability BoF at DrupalCon Denver

On Thursday, March 22, 2012, @lisarex and I ran a BoF to talk about Usability. First of all, we would like to thank every one who could make it to the session. For the others who could not make it, here is the summary from the session.

Since the group was a mix of new and existing contributors, the focus was on what we “the usability team” could do to make things better for the community.

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TriDUG’s New Logo: Behind The Scenes…

Whoever runs the TriDUG Twitter account, your @ mention today reminded me that I never got around to posting a link here to my portfolio page for the new logo:

A situation that is now remedied! Please feel free to leave your thoughts there or here. I’m in the process of updating and revising my portfolio, but this link should stay the same. If you notice that it goes dead, please let me know, thanks!

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Web Scale Engineer (LAMP) (Westbury, NY) | CPX Interactive

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

NOTE: We currently have a handful of Drupal sites we're building and supporting, and many more hand-coded sites which will need to get converted to Drupal. We are looking for someone with exposure to Drupal who can help set a good example of best practices, and establish a developer workflow that will enable us to churn out new websites at a breakneck pace.

Job Description

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Sprint based development for Drupal 8

Hi Drupalfolk -

I documented a bunch of the ideas/discussion points from Dries' D8 core convo on a blog post:

I am considering making a page/section in the Initiatives section on d.o but would really like a bit more input first - I got a lot of positive tweets and a couple more detailed comments, but I still am not sure exactly how much support there would be for this, nor how much more detail would need to be hashed out for it to become a method that people would be comfortable experimenting with.

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Process for choosing a location

The discussion on locations has become very broad and covers a wide range of topics and issues. It is very useful and enlightening. It has made it clear that we need to agree on a process for determining Asia-Pacific DrupalCon locations before we can agree on a location. It has also uncovered a number of factors that need to be evaluated and considered in order to properly evaluate nominations for host cities.

So what should the process be?

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Drupal core patches and Vertical tabs

There are many Drupal 7 core issues that are tagged as "Needs usability review". It would be awesome to try and keep an eye on this list and review UI changes that are going in to core/7, with the aim of trying not to degrade Drupal usability further with un-monitored changes, as we usually do in Drupal core. The most important ones to review are the ones that are in the review process, marked RTBC or recently committed.

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