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Image upload issue to standard drupal use profile


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Drag and drop inline images

Attaching images to comments on is a delightful experience. Select multiple images through the file dialog or simply by dragging it into the comment textarea, and they will get uploaded and posted in the comment using an inline filter.

We could make this possible as well on extending the core file upload for nodes, or the comment_upload module for comments, and leveraging the inline filter.


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Bulk import images as nodes? Better yet... bulk import images as ubercart PRODUCT nodes!

Hey everyone, haven't posted in a bit! I've been to busy, but a recent injury freed up some time in my life. Horrible way to come onto free time, but it goes that way sometimes!

Anyways here's the backstory:

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gig | ShareMyKidsArt

Employment type: 

I have a new Drupal website that has a bug. The website is designed to let users upload images (children's art) to their account. The website looks great and works well but the main thing it's supposed to do, which is upload images, has lots of problems. The user will either get an error (which I can provide), a little red x, or the image will just keep trying to upload forever (i.e. it seems to hang). I have a feeling it has something to do with filesize/timeout/GoDaddy, etc...

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Problems with images

I do not seem to be able to see the images in articles or a new content type using Picasa embedded images



  • In unaltered articles content type, I upload an image but it does not appear in any of the view settings, i.e. the homepage, featues of page. When I checked it with firebug it showed that it should have been put in one of the imagecache folders but it was not put in any of them and it certainly has not been resized, it stays in the default/files folder where it was uploaded.
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    A new userfriendly image upload module: wysiwyg image upload

    Since 3 months WYSIWYG image upload is available and is on its way to establish a new way and simplicitiy in uploading and placing images into the WYSIWYG editors (screencast). I thint the module got pretty stable and has some interesting features build in.

    Only local images are allowed.

    Highlights are:



  • User Interface: Easy and fast user interface for image uploading
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    Upload images into my flickr account

    Hi Guys,

    I am using upload module as well as emfield module but I am not being able to integrate them to solve my purpose. I would like to upload all the images that users upload to my site into my [or optionally their own flickr accounts]. The simple reason behind this is that i do not have a dedicated image server which means i would ideally want every image to be served from my flickr account.

    Also, optionally the user may want to upload this directly to his flickr account [which is not an issue for me, coz my lookout is to serve these images from flickr and not my own site].

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    User Service Module - Upload/Change User Picture

    I am using Flex 2.0 and AMFPHP to access Drupal user services, and it has been going pretty smoothly. I've managed to create a couple simple user services on my own.

    However, I am currently attempting to expand the user service module to allow uploading / changing the user picture. I am have more difficulty with this.

    The following is my first stab at this and it doesn't work. I am hoping someone could point me in the right direction! Thanks!

    function user_service_image( $source ) {

    $info = image_get_info($source);
    $file = file_check_upload( $source );
    if ($file){
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    Image Picker: A better image upload module

    I was frustrated with all the modules I found for uploading images so I designed my own based on the Wordpress image upload but with some improvements. I haven't signed up for a CVS account yet but will do so shortly and add it to the modules available for download. For now you can read about my image upload module and see screenshots and its available for download.

    Let me know what you think!

    BTW, this module is for 5.xx only.

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