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Drupal courses for beginners girls

Under non-profit organisation Czechitas (czech IT courses for girls) we are going to make another gender-imbalanced weekend course for girls similar to well established RailsGirls.

Are there some tutorials good for beginners weekend courses (like them from RailsGirls)?
Somebody experienced with beginners?
Or some similar events in the world?

Thank you for help :-)

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Helpful beginner resources

Hey guys,

I just discovered couple of interesting resources which will be very helpful to new contributors:

    NOTE: this is still a work in progress, and updates will be made on a regular basis. You can find this information and materials available on GitHub at, and we encourage pull requests.
  2. A video series teaching all required community tools:

I hope you'll find this helpful.

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Drupal Resources for Beginners

Hi Guys

I was wondering if you would have any suggestions for Beginners resources that I could get.

Is there a few reference book I should get that would show the basics of the elements in drupal & there creation along with creating a site?

Also could you point me in the direction of some good websites / videos some that have been suggested have been

Thanks a million


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which one is better choice drupal or elgg?

Please help me, I decide to make a community website which have following features:
• Register user can upload the video.
• Only register user can like or unlike the video.
• Anonymous user can comment on video without need of registration.
So tell which one is better choice
• Drupal
• Elgg

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Presenting Drupal to College students

It was truly interesting to present Drupal to a young enthusiastic group of Engineering Students at FSF Tamilnadu meet at IFMR, Chennai. Hope to meet more youngsters and introduce them to Drupal!

For those who are interested you can check the Introductory presentation on Drupal at

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Drupal Boot Camp Tags - Help us build up a great list of resources

In an effort to compile some great resources for our Drupal Boot Camp Champaign participants, we want you to help us tag your favorite Drupal-related resources on

Please tag your favorite links in the following way:
drupal, bootcamp, [topic]

Where [topic] is one of the following:

  • intro -- For resources related to what Drupal is, why people choose Drupal vs. other CMSs, etc
  • basics -- Basic Drupal jargon, getting started, installation walkthroughs, etc
  • theming -- Your favorite contrib themes, theming guides and help
  • modules -- The modules you use most, tips for finding the best modules, etc
  • community -- Resources on how to get involved with the Drupal community and hook up with like-minded peers
  • inspire -- For resources which showcase just how awesome Drupal is and what can be achieved including but not limited to beautiful feature-rich websites
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Taking Over Existing Alumni Website & Best Beginner Documentation

I've been recently hired by a Public High School in downtown Boston and after displaying some level of technical proficiency, the school has decided to make me their official Drupal person with the first project being to overhaul the existing Alumni Website. I have never worked with a CMS and have made it clear to them that this is something I will have to learn...

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Beginner Resources

It was nice to finally make it to a NYC Drupal meetup. It's interesting to hear what's going on out there in the community.

As a follow up to our discussion from last night, I thought it might be helpful to jot down some online resources to get a Drupal beginner up the learning curve.

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