which one is better choice drupal or elgg?

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Please help me, I decide to make a community website which have following features:
• Register user can upload the video.
• Only register user can like or unlike the video.
• Anonymous user can comment on video without need of registration.
So tell which one is better choice
• Drupal
• Elgg
I’m intermediate in PHP but good in html and css. Many of my friends says elgg is better than drupal because if I make community site with drupal present version ( drupal 7). And after some time if I update my drupal to next version it will become nightmare for me to handle the website. Is they are right?
I’m new to both elgg and drupal. Kindly tell which one is better for me and there advantages and limitations…
Thanks in advance….



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I really don't know Elgg, but it's so simple to build with Drupal that I can't believe that Elgg is better than it. You just need to give permissions to authenticated users to create video nodes, use some voting module to Like/Unlike the video, or show or not the Like button from Facebook if it's authenticated or not, and give the rights commenting permissions.

It's not complex. Really.


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