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Just wanted to say hello...

Hello Doc peeps.
I was thinking of ways I would like to contribute to Drupal. I used to work in marketing at a computer company doing nofin but making documents. And, I'm also learning Drupal. My big idea for contributing is to ask questions like,
"Why is $node or $form, for example, not listed in the Globals API list of variables which includes $user?"

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Hello All!

I just moved to the Richmond area last weekend and I am looking to meet and network with some Drupal lovers. Are there any Drupal(or generic) web design/developer meetups going on in the area?

I'm also looking to create some local support for Drupalers. Feel free to ask me any questions and I will do my best to answer/help!

Hope to meet some of you soon :)

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Reminder: Free Introduction to Drupal Workshop this Friday

Drupal is turning 10 this year! Drupal 7, a major new version, was released last week! Drupalcon Chicago is two months away! If ever there were a right time to find out more about Drupal, now would be that time. Conveniently, we are offering our free Introduction to Drupal workshop this Friday from 1-3PM. This workshop will provide you all the context you need to get the most out of all of the other free Drupal community events happening here locally in prep for Drupalcon Chicago and beyond. Check out for all the details and to sign up.

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Content for video on 'How to use the issue queue to contribute'. [wiki - please edit]

Following up on this the issue for the creation of this Video AND Doc (

Why don't we pool ideas here and pull together an outline? Unless someone wants to dive in and just present it....

NOTE: We'll use this doc as a wiki to collaborate on content development and then pull this back to the issue when we have it together.

There are a number of resources below regarding the issue queue.

It sounds like there are several tasks associated with this issue:

Potential Tasks

  • Review existing documentation (see sources below)
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Just introducing myself

Hi there all. Just to say hi and ask if there is anything I can help out with. I have been looking into the whole transition towns thing for a while now but as there is no group local to me.

I have some php skills but not with Drupal. I mainly do front end type coding (html, css and javascript) and information architecture / user experience work. If there is anything I can get involved in I am more than willing to help out.

Rob C

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An Introduction

Hello All,

I wanted to introduce myself virtually before I arrive in town permanently. My name is Jonathan Pichot, I'm a recent graduate of Pacific Union College, a small liberal arts school in California. Before finishing there, though, I had spent my Junior year at Aquinas College. I also have family in Grand Rapids, so I know the town well.

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Screencast introducing Rules

I've just recorded an introduction on how to use the awsome Rules module!
It can be seen on NodeOne's blog.

The screencast is a pilot case on doing semi-regular screencasts in English. (We've been doing them in Swedish for a while.) If you think that this is worth watching and would like to have more unprestigious screencasts, please write a comment on our blog.

//Johan Falk, NodeOne, Sweden

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Presenting Drupal to College students

It was truly interesting to present Drupal to a young enthusiastic group of Engineering Students at FSF Tamilnadu meet at IFMR, Chennai. Hope to meet more youngsters and introduce them to Drupal!

For those who are interested you can check the Introductory presentation on Drupal at

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Hi there!

My name is Tea; I work at King Features as Associate Comics Editor and also intermittently post webcomics on my site at

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Introduction to Workflow Movie???

I don't get what 'Workflow' is about. As a subject I mean. I know that sometimes a user posts content that needs approval, and so in this sense there's a flow of work, as the user posts, the administrator approves, etc. And my brother works in a company that use Lotus Notes to create their own email-based applications. Ones to do with Workflow. Example: employee fills out holiday application form & sends it to his line manager, who responds to it & sends it to various people, etc. Stuff like that.

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