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Services REST server: Best practices for DRY when implementing custom endpoint for a custom model

I've implemented Services just a few times now from out of the box Drupal function to custom endpoints, and the current one is my most ambitious (and most meticulous) effort. I want to build it in the way that makes the most sense, and I feel informed enough now to have a decent discussion about best practices.

For a REST server hosted by the Services module, the request flow looks like this, right?

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seeking discussions on RESTful API designs with a Services 3.0 REST Server

I am in the process of writing a Services 3.0 Module based RESTful API for a WebApp I am developing.

I have prior experience creating an XMLRPC API through Services, and Services itself handles all the nitty-gritty of coding up a RESTful interface... While googling to find information, I located lots of "hello world" style RESTful examples in oodles of different languages, and I found upteen definitions of REST and descriptions about that PHD dude that wrote it up formally... but I'm not finding anyplace where developers have discussed or are discussing RESTful architectures of anything other than a simple, single level data service.

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