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Services REST server: Best practices for DRY when implementing custom endpoint for a custom model

I've implemented Services just a few times now from out of the box Drupal function to custom endpoints, and the current one is my most ambitious (and most meticulous) effort. I want to build it in the way that makes the most sense, and I feel informed enough now to have a decent discussion about best practices.

For a REST server hosted by the Services module, the request flow looks like this, right?

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Drupal Multisite Dev with single site production and git

I support a number of D7 sites. Most of them share a common theme, the modules in use in each site can vary.

To save space and sanity, I set up local multisite on my dev box. In test and production all of the sites are single site installs. I have little or no control over this decision.

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Best practices for Dev, Staging, and Production servers

Hi fellow Drupalists,

I have a question on best practices for a Development, staging, production servers.

Should OS versions, PHP versions, MySQL versions all match?

Thanks in Advance


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Drupal Database Best Practices?

I've been using Drupal now for a couple of years but I'm still learning how to program for Drupal and what the best practices are for this.

My question is about adding tables to the database. For the tables that I need to use on my site, is it better practice to add these to the Drupal database (prefixing them so that they are easily separated from the Drupal tables) or should I create a separate database for site specific tables?


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Web/Community Developer(s) | SUNY Center for Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL Center)

Employment type: 

NAME OF ORGANIZATION: The State University of New York’s Center for Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL Center):

POSITION: Website Consultant/Developer(s)

LOCATION: SUNY Global Center, New York, NY

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How to adjust font sizes in Drupal 7.x

Hi folks.
I was wondering something.
Last night, when I had someone visit my website wich you all may review at:
I was told seriously that the font is not optimal for people with low vision.
As I have committed myself to insureing my site is optimized for low vision users as well as screen reader users, hear is what I need to know.
It should be noted that I'm using Druapl Core without modification, I.e. No eextra themes, etc.
What I'm using is the default Draupl core layout as designed after an installation witht he bartic theme.

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How to present opening hours

Hiya. Do you have suggestions for storing and presenting opening hours in Drupal 7? This is quite a mundane and universal problem, so i'm absolutely sure this has been solved in many ways. There is the Opening Hours -module, which isn't available for D7 at this time though. The Danish ting.DING uses Office Hours, and present this information very well (see the Aarhus libraries f.ex.) in a list, on a map and for individual libraries.

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Best Practices - Installing Drupal

Is it best to install Drupal at root level (public_html)?
Or is it better to create a Drupal folder (public_html/Drupal) and install there.

Are there pros and cons, warnings... or does it simply not matter?
Also, are there ramifications regarding multisite install or subdomains?

As always, thanks so much for your insights.

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Best practices for optimizing Drupal on lower memory configurations

I've been having some occasional trouble where my site slows to a crawl.

Does anyone have any best practices for optimizing Drupal on lower memory configurations.

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Free Acquia Drupal Webinar

Dear Colleague,

One of the more complex problems in managing large Drupal projects is keeping development, staging and production environments in sync. As projects grow in complexity, including multiple developers and more features, it becomes ever more important to have a reliable, repeatable process for deploying new functionality to the production website.
Join Joshua Brauer, Acquia Client Advisor, for this complimentary webinar where he'll cover:

Using version control for your Drupal project
Migrating your code, files and database between sites

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