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seeking Drupal-friendly web hosting

I'm looking for Drupal-friendly web hosting for my organization. If you send your suggestion directly to me I'll compile and e-mail the list. Thanks! (NOTE: I'm posting to the Bay Area group because I'm looking for hosting that has good network speeds here in the Bay Area.)

Desired specs
- prefer to spend <$50/month
- good network speeds in California important as visitors overwhelmingly from Bay Area
- typical Drupal requirements: Apache, PHP 5, MySQL, PHPMyAdmin
- tech support by phone would be nice

Traffic on our current (FrontPage) website
Storage: 300 MB

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Drupal Hosting

I am starting to do research on finding a hosting site for Drupal.

My starting research has led me to a service called "siteground" that is supposedly #1 for Drupal hosting.
I have also looked at the Drupal main page for hosting sites and they list a few, but not SiteGround.

I could host a Drupal site at my home ... but I then have to modify Postfix on my Linux box to send out email via another SMTP Server.


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Drupal hosting providers in NL?

In de VS kom je allerlei shared hosting providers tegen die tegen een zacht prijsje een uitstekende omgeving aanbieden om Drupal te kunnen draaien.
Ik denk dan aan:

  • Apache met mod-rewrite
  • locale .htaccess toegestaan
  • PHP5
  • SSH-toegang
  • PHPmyadmin
  • automatische dagelijkse backups van MySQL

Als we dat zachte prijsje eerst eens achterwege laten: wie kent er hosting providers in Nederland die een dergelijke omgeving bieden?

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Drupal Hosting Service Suggestions

After the DUG meeting tonight we were talking about hosting solutions for Drupal and thought it would be helpful to gather a list of our experiences.

So what hosting services that support Drupal do you know about, and which would you recommend? Do you use a managed solution or manually install yourself? How long have you used a particular service? What is your selection criteria: reliability, price, features, security, support, etc.?

Below are some previous threads on that discuss the same topic...

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Just wanna hear about your experience with hosting drupal.

Our current (non-drupal) site is hosted on our own server. Right now our article archive has more than 120.000 db rows taking up more than 1.6 gb. We have close to 30.000 registered users. So far this has worked out ok, but because we expect our new drupal site (which is still under development) to demand more of the server, we're thinking about outsourcing hosting.

Are you hosting in house or have you outsourced? If you outsourced, what hosting service do you use? If you're hosting inhouse what are your spec's?

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Anyone Media Temple Grid Server Hosting?

I was curious if anyone has this host, I was curious as to if it's worth paying for the service or not. I notice they have one click installs of drupal. I currently have dreamhost which is a good host but the Grid Service media temple provides is quite inticing espically considering it isn't a whole lot more than what I pay for dreamhost.

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Distributions and the Web services loophole

When Dries predicts,

there will bring a small tsunami of Drupal distributions built around a hosted service model...

Is he talking about providers, like Bryght or CivicSpace, serving up a wide array of custom distributions and related services as a value add to their customers? What I don't quite get (assuming I'm reading this correctly), is if and/or how their distributions would be different than any distribution properly borne out of, and freely available to, the community. In other words, in addition to the convenience, specialized skills and services, will there be profiles/distributions that only will be available thru certain providers?

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What SHARED hosts can support og2list?

This post is related to What hosts can support og2list? found at and to Any workaround(s)? found here at

In general, what known SHARED hosts can support og2list?

Also, and more specifically, has anyone succeeded in running og2list on a SHARED server at If YES, I'm interested in knowing how you did it and could use your help in trying to get it running.

Thanks in advance!

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Capistrano and Drupal

Using Capistrano for Drupal deploying. Sounds cool, and should be possible. Lets talk about hos this should be done, and if this is feasible.
I plan to drop the sympal-scripts -which, in fact want to be a capistrano-only-for-drupal-in-PHP- in favour of a good working capistrano drupal thingie.

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Enzyme and creating campaign websites

Kia ora all,

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