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Headless - Edit and Reply Comment - Service URL & Request data

I am working on headless application. Need to build comment using drupal 8.

I am able to call web service for Add, Delete and List comment but not able to find appropriate URL and sample Request data for Edit and Reply Comments

Below is working for me:
Post Comment:
URL: {URL}:{PORT}/entity/comment?_format=json
Delete Comment
URL: {URL}:{PORT}/comment/{cid}?_format=json

Need help in D8: Need URL and sample Request data for below 2 web services for
Edit Comment
Reply Comment

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Programmeur-Développeur Drupal | Productions Web LM inc

Employment type: 

Nous cherchons un spécialiste Drupal connaissant bien le Web Service pour nous aider à régler un problème survenu depuis que nous avons mis à jour le cœur de Drupal 7.26 à 7.34.

Veuillez entrer en contact avec François Pilon au 514-904-4932 ou fpilon@prodlm.com.

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Drupal Developer | São Paulo, Brazil | ClickBus

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

We're hiring a Drupal team in São Paulo, Brazil and I would love to hear from you, Drupal Developer.

Telecommute is NOT allowed. Please do not send if you don't apply for the job description.

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Back-end Drupal developer | Duke University

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

This is your chance to be in on the ground floor of one of the first implementations of Drupal Commons for a university alumni network. Duke has partnered with an outstanding software firm and is seeking to staff an in-house dev team to work alongside the vendor and take over the site after launch. Duke has a highly-engaged alumni base, and this site will be the main way we connect them to one another and the diverse resources of the university.

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sincronizar dos bases de datos web services

llevo poco tiempo en drupal y tengo un proyecto muy desafiante para mi, desearía conocer algunas sugerencias para un desarrollo que voy a realizar.
Por un lado tengo un sistema en un servidor en local que usa Motor de Base de Datos Firebird, por otro lado quiero desarrollar un sitio de e-commerce en Drupal 7, debo sincronizar los artículos o productos hacia el sistema construido en Drupal.
tengo pensado crear un web services en Drupal de manera que reciba los datos de la otra base de datos.
me preguntaba si alguien ya soluciono algo parecido, y que pasos siguió.

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Specifying HTTP method in action methods

Hi folks,

I've defined an action method which is exposed as a web service. However, all actions are called via the HTTP POST method.

Is there a way to explicitly state which HTTP method a particular action supports?

As an example, here's what I have defined:

'validate' => array(
'help' => 'Validates bonus code',
'callback' => 'gs_bonus_validate_code',
'access arguments' => array('access content'),
'args' => array(
'name' => 'code',
'type' => 'string',

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canyin china(餐饮中国) app(ios, android) base on drupal

进过两个月的开发,餐饮中国第二版在ios, android 市场上架了。

1)最好维护一套代码支持多个平台,ios, android, win phone

3)支持Restful API
4)支持推送功能(push notification)

最后确定了app使用jquery mobile进行开发,用phonegap进行封装,服务器使用drupal进行二次开发,app 与服务器的数据交互使用json.

android 下载

ios 下载

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Display System Messages Via Services

How can you display system messages to a user via services? Most interested in the REST server. Thanks!

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DrupalCampChina 2013 Proposal: Cloud based Drupal services


Comparing with same level of stuff, everyone knows Drupal got a harder learning path but doing much more things.

Here is an idea to support other platform like pure source code (Python, PHP, ROR etc) or CMS like thinkPHP, Joomla ... With Service module as an interface, we build Drupal on Cloud and integrate with complex stuff, unlocking small sites / companies to do big stuff.

Possible ideas
1) Content deployment in Enterprise
2) Recommendations (Recommender API)
3) geoIP service
4) Working with AWS ElasticMapReduce
5) Single sign on

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Specification for system resource set_variable, get_variable, del_variable using REST

I have been looking for a specification for using the variable setting actions of the system resource, but I haven't found anything. I am using Services 3.x and Drupal 7. Any suggestions or recommendations?

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