Display System Messages Via Services

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How can you display system messages to a user via services? Most interested in the REST server. Thanks!


You should be able to, via Rules

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You can set off rules, which in turn can set off messages. Have you used either (Rules or Services)?

I've used Rules and Services

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Thanks for the reply!

Yes, I can create custom System Messages to display via Rules, but where do they come up in a Services endpoint? I set one as a test to show when viewing the user account page, and when I view my user account page via services there is no message. What am I missing?

What kind of response do you get?

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There are several breakpoints involved. First of all, what kind off response are you getting?

200 ok

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I get a 200 response. Success. And it shows me my account details but nowhere have a seen a system message in Services.