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Retrieve a specific version (vid) of a node : D7

How do we retrieve a specific revision (vid) attributes of a node.

Works :[nid]=5&parameters[vid]=34 [vid=34 is the latest version version id]

Doesn't Works :[nid]=5&parameters[vid]=31 [vid=31 is the second version version id]

Please advise, how to construct the query to pull the a specific version ID related node attributes

Drupal Version : D7

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Display System Messages Via Services

How can you display system messages to a user via services? Most interested in the REST server. Thanks!

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Documentation for data requirements for creating nodes through the JSON Restful Server (Services 3, Drupal 7)

We have a project to complete for a client that involves setting up a restful web service backend for a set of mobile apps for Android and iOS. We have elected to use Drupal as our restful server and utilize the JSON service available through Services 3 along with the spyc library.

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questions about user methods with xml-rpc

I need to know the method names and the expected structure for modifying and deleting users with xml-rpc using drupal's Services module.
There is an example for user.register here but I cant find where the other methods are documented. Thank you, diana

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Viewing a Rest end point logs me out of Drupal


We're using Services with Service Views and Rest. When I visit the end point ( the data is displaying correctly but when I navigate to my other screen I find out I have been logged out of Drupal.

This error is displayed when I refresh Drupal:

Notice: Undefined index: rest_server in services_endpoint_callback() (line 196 of /vhosts/

This happens every time I refresh the endpoint.

Any ideas?


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Any good links on getting started with drupal 8 and services?

Tons of great stuff for d7 and maybe most of it will not change for d8 but I just figured I would ask before I dig in.

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Please help me with Services

Hello everybody! I am flash-developer and total newbi to Drupal. I have book "Flash with Drupal" by Travis Tidwell and I want to learn to develop flash apps with Drupal as back-end. So I installed Drupal 6.26 then several modules. So I have installed Chaos CTools 6.x-1.9, flashNode (6.x-3.1), Services (6.x-3.1), AMFPHP (6.x-1.0-beta2) and Views (6.x-2.16). I did all like was in the book, and everything was OK, no Error messages etc, but after installing Services, I’ve found in this module no services (in the book there was File service, menu service, node service etc).

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Services for login purpose. Browser cookies problem.

Hi, I need to be logged in multiple sites on the same domain after logging to master website. I have two websites - and When I logged in to master website - - I have to be automatically logged in to child website on the same subdomain, so that I can switch to it in a browser.

Note: any existing public solutions for multisite functionality do not fit, since I have to be logged in to child websites only If I logged to master. Not backwards.

*Site is on Drupal 7. Single code base.

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Using Services Module with SAP integeration

Hello everybody,

I want to know if I can use services module to get data from SAP system

I am developing sync module that sync employees data from SAP system through SAP RFCs

Is it possible or not?

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Services resource for Product types (from Drupal Commerce)


As I need to programmatically create Products in Drupal 7.x and Drupal Commerce, I'm writing a small file based on the skeleton of resources/

Right now I'm just able to create products and receive the ID of the created product (which I'm looking to use as a reference for the node creation).

Is this of some interest for this group, should I share this small file - full with errors :-))


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