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SMS Framework - clickatell API SOAP

Hello to all. I am new in the world drupal. I wanted to know if it was possible to extend the module sms_clickatell using the SOAP api for Clickatell. If you can do in that way can interact with the SOAP API
Thank you

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File Management

From my experience,there are a few major things lacking in Drupal. One of them that I have encountered a lot is the ability - or inability to manage files/documents effectively. I'd like to start laying the groundwork for a comprehensive file (or at least document) manager that allows some of the more popular feature requests e.g check in/check out, protected files & directories etc.

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Unifying D6 Asset Management and Looking Forward to D7

I am immensely interested in getting a rock-solid asset management system in place for Drupal 6, and my company is willing to pay for the work involved (my time spent). The purpose of this discussion is to 1) make sure that my assessment of the situation is accurate / common and 2) to make sure that whatever I come up with will be relatively forward-compatible with D7.

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File (hook_file) Backport to d6

I've recently committed the File (hook_file) module, which is an experimental backport of from Drupal 7 to Drupal 6. From the project page:

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Media Code Sprint: Status Report One

As announced, we've begun the Media Code Sprint to put better media handling into Drupal core!

It's been a great time so far. In the morning, drewish compiled a file function guessing game (free beer!), and andreiashu took the bait and completed the first round with great feedback about how unusable the current state is.

Next, we've sat down and begun writing SimpleTests for the hook_file patch. This has been great fun for me personally; though drewish is an old hand at building tests, this is completely new for me. And to top it off, webchick, Queen of Drupal testing, dropped by our table and got involved!

Even the process of writing tests has been helpful; we found at least one case for validation that had been missed in the original patch, and drewish decided that file_scan_directory needed refactoring. (He's currently chasing other problems as well, and cursing about finding himself going down rabbit holes.)

There's more fun to be had for all! If you want a quick 15 minute task that everyone is qualified to do, go play the File API Function Guessing Game. If you want to do more, then ping me (aaronwinborn), drewish, or dopry at #drupal in IRC, or leave a comment here!

(Cross-posted at

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Media Code Sprint (Top 3 Goals)

The Media Code Sprint is underway! Here's a cross-post from my blog detailing the goals of this sprint, which runs through Saturday. We need your help!

Andrew Morton (drewish), Darrel O'Pry (dopry, remotely), and I are heading up a Media Code Sprint in Portland this week! Come help, in person or remotely, if you're interested in multimedia and Drupal! It has now officially started, and as I've volunteered to help keep folks updated, here goes...

First the reasons.

Number One: Better Media Handling in Core

Dries conducted a survey prior to his State of Drupal presentation at Boston Drupalcon 2008, and number one on the top ten (or 11) list of what would make THE KILLER DRUPAL 7 Release was "Better media handling".

Let me repeat that. Better media handling.

People have done really amazing stuff in contrib, but it is difficult (if not impossible in many cases) for developers to coordinate the use of files, as there is no good means for file handling in the core of Drupal. Thus, we have several dozen (or more) media modules doing some small part, or even duplicating functionality, sometimes out of necessity.

We need (better) media and file handling in Drupal core. In particular, there has been a patch for a hook_file in the queue for over a year, which has been in the Patch Spotlight (for the second time, no less) since May! (And has been RTBC several times during that process...) Come on folks.

One of the powers of Drupal is its system of hooks. We have hooks to modify nodes, to notify changes to user objects, to alter nearly any data (such as forms and menus). Noticeably absent is a consistent handling for files or any sort of notification. We need hook_file.

So goal Number One: get media handling in core. The means? Add hook_file and make files into a 1st class Drupal object. We'll be creating a test suite for functionality in the hook_file patch to validate it and "grease the wheels" to get it committed.

The other goals of this sprint pale in comparison to the first in utility, but are still highly desirable and worthwhile.

Number Two: Refactor File Functionality in Core

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Improving Drupal's page loading performance

This article I wrote should appeal to people interested in high performance Drupal sites. Most of the performance gains are achieved by doing things with the Javascript and Drupal's File API.

You can expect another article soon, about the same topic, but then putting it to practice. I'll use the CDN integration module (of which I'm also the maintainer) and the included core patches to do it in just a few simple steps.

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Automatic site backups with Amazon S3

Hello, I've recently submitted this patch for the backup module which allows automated regular backups of a Drupal installation to Amazon S3. It currently uses Geoffrey Gaudreault's Amazon S3 PHP class, which requires the Crypt_HMAC and (hacked) HTTP_Request PEAR modules, as well as forcing the site developer to alter some variables within the code of the class. I'm hoping the File API will offer a much easier way to integrate the backup.module with Amazon S3.

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Some more 'advanced' use cases

Sorry, I would've posted this to the What do you want in a file API? thread, but unfortunately you can't attach files to comments.

These are some use cases that Shane Peery, one of our clients, wrote up for AMBuzz, an intranet site for a large media distribution company. They have some fairly complex needs, so I figured I'd post them here in the hopes they might inspire some of the folks working on this stuff, and also in case anyone had any bright implementation ideas. :)

I've also attached some general observations/comments he made regarding Drupal's file API as someone with experience in programming, but new to Drupal. Some of the stuff he mentions is relatively easy to sort out (for example, the security stuff is a matter of turning on private downloads and moving the files directory outside of public_html), but I think there are some interesting ideas here anyway.

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How to set up proper private file access

I'm cross posting an issue here to let you guys know of this way:

Private and Public File Access

Banner.module isn't really guilty here. There are a lot more modules that do not work with private file access.

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