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Drupal 8 port of Station

For those not following the project on d.o., there's an effort to port Station to Drupal 8 and help sustain it via crowdfunding and building client sites in the open. Contributors, supporters, and those who may benefit from using such a solution...please don't hesitate to get involved!

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Greek Drupal Community - Website redesign and Crowdfunding!

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We are the Greek Drupal community, a small but active community! We are organizing DrupalCamps, monthly meetups in several cities of Greece, translation sprints and other events regarding Drupal. We currently count more than 500 members in our local community website.

We decided to move forward and do more things for the Greek Drupal Community. Thus, we set up this small funding project.

We need the money for these simple reasons:

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Drupal Web Master | Unnamed Documnetary Film Project

Employment type: 
Part time

Hello everyone,

I am producing/directing a documentary film on an iconic movie theatre. It is a project that has already garnered some significant visibility, but not a lot of money, yet.

I am looking for someone who can take our current Drupal site, upgrade it and make it sing the way it should. There is no money until we get the financing rolling. There is a budget line item for web development.
This will be a fun project with potential for bucks.

Release date is in May 2015. The expectation of film fests and a national posture are not unrealistic.

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Hi Guys,

Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm working on developing on D7. I've pretty much put it together with just views and panels and I'm currently usingi the Amazon FPS module for payments.

What about you guys?

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Drupal Site Sprint + CrowdFunding Donations = Sustainable C4C

The issue of supporting the C4C effort beyond the initial burst of energy provided the C4C event is still a problem. Assuming that we improve our batting average with this years event, we might able to boost the sustainability of the effort with Crowdfunding.

I know some thoughts addressing the sustainability problem have been floating around. I thought this should be added to the list of possible solutions.

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Paying for the Plumbing: Snowball initiative for a Drupal crowdfunding platform

Ever wanted a place where you could simply offer to pay to get something you need in Drupal done?

Please donate to make that place. (Yes, it's using a different crowdfunding platform, one that really lacks features for coordination, but is passing on all money raised -- if we reach the minimum -- without even deducting credit card fees.)

And spread this link! Is there enough interest in community funding of Drupal software to fund the software to coordinate this-- in just a few days? Also, if you are available to work on this project in DrupalCon Denver, we've got a DrupalCon ticket for you! Or if you're interested in working on this later, contact me for that, too!

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5 motivators of giving in Open Source Ecology, CiviCRM

Hello everybody,

we are trying to implement the 5 motivators of giving, as shared by in the TED Talk of Taylor Conroy - How to Build a School in 3 Hours (worth watching, 19min) . The motivators are: Group Mentality, Tangible Outcome, Microgiving, Personal Connection and Recognition. We believe that these are indeed motivators and we want to integrate them in the CiviCRM Personal Campaigns.

Who are we and what we are doing?

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Exploring solutions: Supporting Sponsorship for Drupal Contribution

There are people who would like to spend more time doing Drupal contrib work but who cannot financially justify taking time off commercial work or minding the kids (or other demands of life) in order to do so. These are often highly skilled and experienced members of the Drupal community.

There is an opportunity to make it financially (and otherwise) viable for these contributors to choose to do Drupal contrib work by helping them find commercial sponsorship, primarily from companies who benefit from Drupal being a better product and a stronger more active community.

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Drupal & Ubercart Assurance/Advisory role | WeDidThis

Employment type: 

This role has been filled.

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