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Rideshare from Vancouver BC or Seattle WA to BADCamp

I am volunteering at BAD Camp but my car is currently out of commission.

Is anyone driving down to BADCamp and want to take a ridesharer?
I can help by paying for part of the fuel costs. Thanks

  • Dion
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DrupalCamp LA - Carpool thread

Hey Campers!

Anyone looking to carpool for DCLA?

Let us be Earth conscious if possible this weekend.

Please list your location, if you can give a ride or need a ride....

See you at camp!

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2015 Suggestion for arranging Ride Share to/from PNWDS

Suggestion for arranging Ride Share to and from PNWDS
Create wikis with topics that provide clear intent, like these
* 2015 Ride share between Vancouver BC and Seattle WA
* 2015 Ride share between Spokane WA and Seattle WA
* 2015 Ride share between Portland OR and Seattle WA
Year prefices make it easier to organize for different summits.

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Developer/Themer para Proyecto Verde | NosFuimos

Employment type: 
Full time
Employment type: 
Part time
Employment type: 

El equipo detrás de, proyecto que busca generar la mayor viajes compartidos en auto y cooperación entre las personas, busca un programador/themer con solida experiencia para afinar nueva plataforma en Dupal 7. Se requiere:

• Desarrollar dos témplates y el CSS correspondiente, sobre un tema (responsive theme) propio ya existente. El primero es para la pagina de perfil de los usuario. El segundo, una modificación sobre un témplate ya existente para un tipo de contenido determinado.

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Ridesharing for Drupal Camp Western Mass (Jan 22) with

Find and Share Rides to Drupal Camp Western Mass:

Drupal Camp Western Mass has partnered with Ridebuzz to help people share rides to the event as part of an effort to reduce emissions and costs by traveling together. Please post your rides offered or needed. Ridesharing is a fun way to connect with others in the Drupal community. It's shaping up to be a fun and well attended event in the beautiful, hip & happening Pioneer Valley. Look forward to seeing you there!

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Carpooling to Ballyvaughan


been thinking about how some people are hoping to get to Ballyvaughan this Friday, Saturday or Sunday. If anyone is driving with space in their car for a passanger or two, it would be great if they posted where they are coming from, where they think they'll pass through and at what time they're planning to depart for Ballyvaughan.

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Startup Weekend fun for Drupalers 3/19-21 + write a carpool module + join a startup

A couple things woven together next weekend:

There's a Startup Weekend [SW] in Seattle March 19-21. Lot of people trying to prototype businesses in a weekend, Drupal developers are often in high demand. It's good as a learning experience even if you don't want to start a business.

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Drupalcon Carpool

I'll be heading down to DrupalconDC from Albany, NY and I'm looking to carpool. If you're interested please get in contact.


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