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Design Initiative: Designing for the Common Use Case

The Design Initiatives main purpose is to build a new theme for Drupal 8 and as part of this initiative we are preparing a Design Brief. The brief will be part of a "Designers Toolkit" which also includes a set of wire-frames. The brief itself comprises of two parts - a set of documents outlining Drupal core output (to support and clarify the wire-frames) and a Use Case Brief. Its the last bit I want to talk about here and open up discussion on. In essence what should this use case be?

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Design Profiles

Over at AdaptiveThemes we've been hammering out how to give our designers better tools for designing for Drupal. At first we thought about a set of briefs, then that grew into packages (brief + stock images, logo etc) and then I struck on the idea of Design Profiles.

A Design Profile is a package including a sample site (say a blog, business site, Ubercart site etc), PSD templates, a detailed brief and stock images (sample logo, photos etc).

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