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Sidelook to the Typo3-Future: uxvision-for-the-next-typo3-cms

Just got a Slideshare-Message with that one:

UX-Vision for the next TYPO3 CMS from Jens Hoffmann

It´s worth to have a look.

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Usability in Drupal Resources

Hi All
I'm trying to write an article about Drupal and usability for UxTehran event which is all about usability. If you have any kind of useful resources please share.


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Drupal SBUI Collaboration Platform now open

Hi Everyone,

I know, its been rather quiet from us since the announcement of the Drupal SiteBuilding Usability Initiative some two+ weeks ago. Well, BADCamp got in the way and Michael and Doug was busy mingling with all the amazing Drupalers there for starters. While they where doing that, I spent my time learning and configuring Open Atrium as we have chosen it as our collaboration platform for Drupal SBUI.

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Drupal Top 25+ Modules

English / Castellano

Overview of Drupal's Top 25+ Modules
Author: Nick Vidal

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New usability tool based on Drupal: UCDmanager

Hello everyone.

I'd like to invite you to use UCDmanager. It's a personal project that allows to manage different usability techniques:


I think it may be interesting to this group because it's based on Drupal, and because it allows to perform usability techniques in a collaborative way, that is very important in open-source developments. You could use it, for instance, to planificate, perform and communicate the results of usability evaluations of Drupal core or modules.

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webform mysql views

Good Morning all,
i would like to ask about "webform mysql views module" , and how to use it,
firstly, i've installed and activate it to the website, and go to webforms page and then to Mysql Views tab, and checked the webform,
then what should i do, to access the view??

thanx in advance, and hope to help me

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Usability resources and requirements

These usability resources are suggestions based on four user personas. The resources can be discussed here.

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Resources based on four personas

eoriordan says:

I have been thinking of the next step here and the best way to get a bit of momentum behind this again. For me the next step is to begin to create resources based on the personas. What do people think? I think in someways there is so much stuff that we could do that it can be a little overwhelming.

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Wiki for Usability Documentation, Guides & Approaches

I just wanted a list of usability resources so thought I'd put the ones I knew about into a wiki & encourage others to expand it.

Design Books

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