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Jakob Nielsen discussess Ovelays and Lightboxes

A good read from today's Alertbox:

BTW - we are still seeking participants in the Hackathon for Western Mass. There are at least two Drupal projects that could use coders! Register now if you can attend June 6 & 7 in Springfield:


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Obligar a usuarios a logearse cuando acceden a ciertos paths

Hola, necesito ayuda configurando lo siguiente. Porfavor antes de continuar leyendo, miren la siguiente web:

Una vez acceden el sitio web les obliga a registrarse o iniciar sesión antes de poder navegar. Yo necesito esto pero por ejemplo al acceder a un path o paths específicos. Ejemplo:

que solo aparezca en los paths

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Meeting Minutes for Broward Drupal Meetup held on Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

We held our Broward Drupal monthly meetup on Wednesday, March 14th from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.

Remote participant(via Skype and
Fort Lauderdale - Susana Kaiser

In Person (Greater Fort Lauderdale, Broward County Florida):
Jay Epstein @jeppy64
Rob de Koter @Robdekoter
Seth Snyder
John Everett @Agile_dot_TV
Sean Novak @snovakcom
Tracy Novak
John Dennison @JohnDennison
Me @hectoriribarne

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lightbox ile harita gösterimi


Benim sorunum şöyle: adresindeki Haritayı görüntüle bağlantısına tıklarsanız haritanın lightbox içinde açıldığını fakat beş seferden ikisinde doğru yere konumlanmadığını, ve yanlış olarak verdiği yerin de her zaman aynı yer olduğunu görürsünüz. #drupal-support kanalında stella (modülün yazarı) ofset problemi olabileceğini söyledi. Bu konuda ne yapabilirim?


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Pulling Custom CCK Fields into Views Across Multiple Content Types

I need some help building a custom view for a new section of a portfolio site that will work as an index of Portfolio Projects. Currently I'm using the CCK, Image & Image Gallery, Node Reference URL, Views2, Views Attach, and other related or dependent modules.

As a sidebar, I also gave the SimpleViews module a try but could not get it to produce the page display I want. Perhaps this is still the way to go...maybe not?

Regardless, I'm having trouble getting a View built that will display the Portfolio Project content.

Inventory of needed pages

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lightbox 2 help

OK here's how it goes...
I have CCK+Views2 making a gallery.
I have individual images as thumbnails in the gallery-view.
When you select an image you are treated to the oh so cool if not ever popular Lightbox2 display of.... the node page in an iframe. The iframe contains a whole webpage crammed into the lightbox. I don't want the header region, left and right regions, or back-ground images in the rendering.

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