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Jakob Nielsen discussess Ovelays and Lightboxes

A good read from today's Alertbox:

BTW - we are still seeking participants in the Hackathon for Western Mass. There are at least two Drupal projects that could use coders! Register now if you can attend June 6 & 7 in Springfield:



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Obligar a usuarios a logearse cuando acceden a ciertos paths

Hola, necesito ayuda configurando lo siguiente. Porfavor antes de continuar leyendo, miren la siguiente web: http://www.quebuenacompra.com/

Una vez acceden el sitio web les obliga a registrarse o iniciar sesión antes de poder navegar. Yo necesito esto pero por ejemplo al acceder a un path o paths específicos. Ejemplo:

que solo aparezca en los paths

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Clean URLs working fine, pager, overlay and other queries not

In D7 (upgraded from D6) I have managed to get clean URLs working with Nginx thanks to the various help and documentation available here and there online.

What doesn't work are queries of the ?page=1 or ?destination= type, for some reason.

The config is very similar to: http://docs.ngx.cc/en/latest/topics/apps/drupal.html, particulary the line:

  location @rewrite {
        rewrite ^/(.*)$ /index.php?q=$1;

and the few preceding lines.

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Enabling the overlay module for anonymous: Security risks


I'm reviewing a sandbox project for Drupal7 called Overlay Links that encourage to enable the overlay module for anonymous users.
review comment: http://drupal.org/node/1811482#comment-6609236

I've read on some blog that doing this have security concerns, but there was no more details about that.
blog link: http://www.drupalgardens.com/documentation/site-management/admin-theme

Do you have any details about the security implications of enabling the permission Access the administrative overlay to anonymous users ?

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displaying the Quiz questions in an overlay or pop-up window

I am relatively new at Drupal and not a professional web developer.

Want to know if I can use something like Overlay or Lightbox2 to display the quiz questions & answer(s) in a pop up window. And after the quiz is over, it can either revert back to the results page (or maybe display the results too on the same pop up window).

The idea is possibly to have better control on how the questions & answers are laid out on this pop-up/Overlay window, so that it will be easier to access by people with physical challenges (who lack the fine motor skills needed to navigate and click small print)

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Creating a derivative image with perspective effect

I'm working on a project where I need to append user submitted images to a specific background image as an overlay. The challenge that I have is that I need to add a slight perspective effect in addition to the overlay (i.e. a slight angle to the original picture to be used as an overlay to take into account the shape of the background image). Please see the example images attached below for the outcome I am trying to get. The original overlay image is a user submitted design that I would append at the back of a laptop screen.

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Why Overlay should be disabled by default in all Drupal 7 profiles

After discussing the d7ux overlay accessibility issue with several at Drupalcon, and mentioning the issue in my lightning talk at the Core Developer Summit I noticed that an Allow users to opt-out of the overlay issue had been opened in the bug tracker. Overlay is a contentious topic for some in our community, and I will not rehash all of the pros and cons for Overlay's inclusion in core. I will however attempt to concisely present an argument for Overlay being disabled in all Drupal 7 core installation profiles.

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