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Mostrar etiquetas de un nodo referenciado

Buenas a todos. No se si el titulo está bien explicado, pero os indico:

Tengo un campo en un webform, del cual cree un List Box con una View de Cursos referenciada a estos. A la hora de elegir el curso no hay ningún problema y los
usuarios pueden elegir el curso segun el Titulo del mismo. Pero hay un problema; y es que en los Resultados de los envíos del Webform se muestra el uid del nodo elegido por
el usuario en vez del Titulo (del curso). Y claro quería saber como hacer que al hacer un nodereference pudiese elegir que campos de ese nodo se pueden mostrar despues en el

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Cómo listar los trabajos de la empresa del usuario logueado


Tengo el siguiente problema que llevo dia intentando resolver. Tal vez me puedan alcanzar alguna sugerencia.

  • Tengo un tipo de contenido llamado Empresa.
  • Uso Content Profile para agregar campos con CCK al profile del usuario. Este campo se llama empresa y es un node reference a una Empresa.
  • Tengo un tipo de contenido llamado Trabajo que también tiene un campo que se llama empresa y es un node reference a una empresa.

Lo que estoy buscando es cómo listar los trabajos que correspondan a la empresa del usuario logueado.

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Integrating custom types (with custom schema) with CCK

I am currently producing a "family" of modules designed to manage a hosting infrastructure (email, dns, ftp, etc). I am cruising along, but keep coming back to one big stumbling block ... the role of CCK in my module. From a technical stand-point, I don't have a compelling need to use CCK (I'm happy to code up what needs to be coded), but it's clear that from a "best practice" perspective (and honestly, from a quality assurance & maintainability perspective), utilizing CCK as much as possible is a "good thing."

Among others, I have the following content types:


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Using Node Reference in a custom module form

Has anyone got a nodereference form to work correctly in a custom module (in autocomplete mode?) It seems that the autocomplete ajax function expects more data than exists and so constantly returns an empty array [ ] of options.

Any suggestions for using nodereference in a custom module form?


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Has anyone done deep evaluation of OG vs combination of modules for building communities ?

With recent development of many nodereference-based modules, I wonder if it's going to be better long-term solution to use custom nodes with nodereferences and build on that.
OG I think suffers in a way that it duplicates some features of the CCK. Example: If audience was CCK Nodereference field, I could just use any nodereference widget, that is supported, has long history of bugfixing and more stable etc. Now because audience is not CCK field I can't do that out of the box.

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Pulling Custom CCK Fields into Views Across Multiple Content Types

I need some help building a custom view for a new section of a portfolio site that will work as an index of Portfolio Projects. Currently I'm using the CCK, Image & Image Gallery, Node Reference URL, Views2, Views Attach, and other related or dependent modules.

As a sidebar, I also gave the SimpleViews module a try but could not get it to produce the page display I want. Perhaps this is still the way to go...maybe not?

Regardless, I'm having trouble getting a View built that will display the Portfolio Project content.

Inventory of needed pages

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Stuck getting a byline nodereference field to display 2 fields (title (the author's name) and contact field)

For an online magazine with several different article content types, rather than having editors type in byline info in field_byline for each article, I'd like the byline to be drawn from a related "content type," People. So, I'm obviously setting field_byline up as a nodereference field that draws from content type People. This will make it easy to select the writer of the article from a pull-down list (or an autocomplete field), easily keep links to author contact info updated universally across the site, etc.

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Reverse nodereference

There are several modules that help you list referencer nodes on the referencee node.

Two in particular take it seems the same approach of creating actual reverse nodereferences, so that each nodereference becomes a symmetrical relationship (rather than helping you see the implied relationship).

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Dynamic customization of views, but also need support for views ajax


This is about a problem I have found when trying to write a feature for a module that needs to provide back reference views to nodes based on CCK node reference fields.

What I would like this to work is that the module provides a base default view that is used to provide all back refence views. This view can be modified to add more fields, change the style, add and/or expose filters, and so on. The user can also clone this view and assign the customized clone to any particular back reference relation.

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Auto populate a nodereference field using the URL?

I have a node type A and node type B. B-nodes have a nodereference field that point to an A-node so that one A-node has many child B-nodes.

I need a link placed somewhere in the A-node (could be on a block as well) that says "Create a child B-node". This link should open the form to create a new B-node with the nodereference field:
1) hidden
2) pre-populated with the nid of the calling A-node

What is the best way to do that in Drupal 6?

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